TradeRush Strategy For 60 Seconds Trading

Wednesday, July 3nd, 2013 by Sjay Bell

Hey Binary Options traders. Now, I know that a lot of us have been a bit skeptical about 60 second option trading. With so much volatility in the market, they can be really risk. There are people who become a victim to 60 second options, and lose money. Then, there are those who have developed their own strategy. But, a lot of them refuse to share their strategy with us. So, we end up naive and losing to the market.  So, today is it my pleasure to introduce a new strategy for TradeRush 60 Seconds. I have personally developed this strategy for 60 second options. If executed correctly, you should be able to make money online from it. This strategy involves on 3 indicators, the RSI, and 2 simple moving averages. This strategy works best using But, feel free to use your preferred charting platform if you would like. Start off by setting your RSI to 14 periods on a 1 minute chart. Next, select a 2 period simple moving average. After that, combine another 2 period simple moving average to the first one. As I always say, make sure to practice risk management. As this strategy does not guarantee 100% wins. I know you all are eager to use this strategy, so allow me to show you how it works.

Rules for call/put option: For a call option, wait for the leading 2 period simple moving average to cross the slower one. It’s sort of like trading stochastic, but only without all of the divergence. Once that occurs, make sure that the 14 period RSI is moving in the same direction. Finally, enter the position! The same thing applies for a put option. What makes this strategy unique is that both of the indicators are a form of confirmation in which way the market will go. The 14 period RSI filters out all of the possible false movements, as they will occur in a lower setting. With the correct use of risk management, this can make 60 second options so much easier. You don’t have to stay glued to the computer screen. You just simply wait for the signal.

So, for those of you who want to be able to trade 60 second options profitably, Give this TradeRush 60 seconds strategy a try. It is very simple, yet so effect if use correctly. Just remember to be patient, and don’t be so eager to get into a trade. If you feel a bit suspicious when a signal is given, don’t take the trade. Listen to your gut, because it knows best. Wait until it makes sense. I hope that this strategy works for you 60 second traders and good luck with your trading. Until next time, happy trading!

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27 Responses to “TradeRush Strategy For 60 Seconds Trading”

  1. Daniel Says:

    I’m a bit confused. First, should the moving averages be added to the price history, or the RSI? Secondly, should you execute the trade immediately when the lines cross? Should you wait to see if the lines remain crossed at that point?

    And if the RSI and first moving average are going up, does this mean you should call, or put?

  2. SJay Bell Says:

    Thanks for your comment, and I will be glad to explain. Okay, first, add a 14 period RSI. Nothing will be added to that. Next, add a 2 period moving average to the price history. Next, add another 2 period average to the first one. This should cause them to look similar to stochastics. I hope this help you and if you need anymore help, feel free to comment. Have a great day!

  3. Michael Freeman Says:

    Great Article Sjay! I noticed in my Google report for the site that many traders are searching for RSI Indicator on Google. It’s a very popular Indicator and I am glad you were able to cover it on the site. Mike

  4. Daniel Says:

    Thanks. So if the RSI and first moving average are going up when the moving averages cross, does this mean you should call, or put?

  5. Daniel Says:

    Another question: Does it matter whether the RSI is just going slightly upward after a coming a longer way down? The direction of the RSI changes frequently.

  6. sal Says:

    what are the setting on the moving average. I put over the over and they both look the same

  7. SJay Bell Says:

    @Daniel- For a call option- wait for the fast 2 period moving average to cross the slower 2 period moving average. Be sure that the slow 2 period moving average is moving in up as well, because if the faster is the only one moving, then it’s a false signal. So, once the fast 2 period moving average has crossed the slow 2 period moving average from beneath. It’s a signal for a call option. But, make sure the RSI is heading in the same direction for confirmation. Hope this helped. If you need anymore help, just let me know. Good luck!

  8. SJay Bell Says:

    @sal- If your platform doesn’t allow you to combined the 2 indicators, then try When you are there, add the 2 period moving average. Next, click on the 2 period moving average settings window, and go to “add indicator”. After that, set that moving average to 2 periods. When that happens, then the should be combined. One should be faster then the other. Sort of like stochastics.Hope this helped. If you need anymore help, just let me know. Good luck!

  9. Daniel Says:

    So both moving averages should be moving upward before you enter a call option?

  10. SJay Bell Says:

    @Daniel, yes sir!

  11. SALEM Says:

    Is this Strategy work on any platform or only for traderush ?

  12. Michael Freeman Says:

    Hello Salem, I believe this strategy is great with any broker offering 60 Seconds Trading. TradeRush was one of the 1st companies to offer the feature but it’s definitely not limited to this broker. Thank you for the comment! Mike

  13. gordogo Says:

    still new to this. I followed the advice with the chart and it seems to follow what you described. I am not sure if i set it up correctly I think I did. Is there anyway you could post a vid showing the exact setup of the chart and how you would interpret it in real time. thanks for the help and the good videos.

  14. Daniel Says:

    I would think where the RSI *is* would be at least as important as what direction it is currently moving. If the RSI is over 70, I would think you shouldn’t Call under any circumstances. Rather, you should wait for it to stop rising, and then Put, if anything. Would you agree with this?

  15. Sjay Says:

    @Daniel, that is an excellent question, and great point. If you want, you can wait for it to start reversing. But, sometimes price tends to range, or consolidate above 70. So, the RSI can be heading down below 70, then reverse all of the sudden. So, looking at the RSI on smaller time frames will give you a better picture of what will happen next, and prevent false signals.

  16. pema Says:

    i am 18 years i really wanted to learn your strategy but i am unable to follow ..i guess bcu of the lack of knowledge … can u plzz teach me 60 sec strategy ?????? just today i knew about meta 4 chart ??…..

  17. Michael Freeman Says:

    Meta Trader 4 Charts are probably the best! It’s good to get familiar with technical analysis indicators for MT4 and you can use it as a Demo. On a recent video I provided with some instructions on how to set up a free Meta Trader Demo and this can benefit you as you’re testing out your 60 seconds strategy. Also checkout the technical analysis indicators section, which covers a lot of the indicators used for 60 seconds expiry with binary options. If you have any specific questions you can also email me at Thank you for dropping a comment! Mike

  18. greenalchemy Says:

    hey mike have you used this strategy yourself…I know from some of your comments your not a big fan of 60 sec. also im wondering if you have heard of vhampion trader and their 60 sec. strategy

  19. Michael Freeman Says:

    Nope. I don’t trade 60 seconds myself, but the author of this article, who is a successful trader and works mainly with technical analysis on short-term, reports a high success rate using this strategy. They say “all rivers lead to the sea”, when it comes to binary options “not all rivers lead to the sea, but there are a few rivers that definitely lead there” :) .. This might be one. If you are looking for the type of strategies that I personally use, look into correlation analysis and double profit, I covered both on my blog and channel. Cheers! Mike

  20. Sirolf Says:

    Hi, I tried this strategy and results have been mildly positive until now.
    For 8 trades (eur/usd), 4 in the money, 2 out of the money and 2 in the money. I ended up making a small profit!

    The trades that were out of the money, I lost with 2 & 3 pips. So, in general, I have the feeling I could have done better.

    The false movements are indeed predicted correctly bu the RSI and MA indicators. I looked at a large numer of other stratgeies for 60 seconds. For me this one looks most promising and the movements are predicted correctly. I think this strategy works even better for the 5 minute trades..

  21. Jordan Leach Says:

    Hey Guys,

    Thanks to Michael, Ajay and everyone for their comments. This is all very interesting.

    I was considering whether or not it possible to exaggerate the ratios of the MA’s and RSI used on 60sec trading and use them for 15-30min trades using 15-30min charts? Would the maths work?

    On a different note, I see the MACD introduced and talked about with the periods set a 26 & 16 period with a 9 trigger. What would happen if I were to use 26 & 14 period with a 4 trigger, wouldn’t my results show are more accurate trend habit?

    Look forward to hearing from some of you.



  22. Emilio Says:

    Can you please email me i would like to talk with u about the strategy. im interested

  23. briantk41 Says:

    What is the best market time periods to trade using this strategy? Slow moving market,or fast moving market. I found that when the US market opens there are very fast up/down price movements and I will mostly be wrong. 60 second trading is very difficult to get right.

  24. SJay Bell Says:


    I had most of my success with this strategy trading slower moving markets. In fast-paced market conditions, the indicator will “panic” and become indecisive. This will result in more loses than wins. But, with slower moving markets, the lack of volatility will allow the indicator to give more reliable readings.

  25. Andreas Says:

    Hi guys
    About the settings for the two 2 moving averages.I struggle to see how they can cross,while lying on each other.It there nothing to change,because although I use freestockchart i can’t figure it out.Please help
    Thanks Andreas

  26. Sjay Bell Says:

    You can try speeding the moving averages up a bit by raising the periods by 1 or 2 notches. But, this may make the strategy sensitive if you will. And, cause some false signals. I think the reason you are experiencing that is because you need to be patient and give it time to clearly cross. You can also utilize this strategy on multiple pairs. That’s how I found my success.

  27. Robert Mood Says:

    I can not get the SMI’s to display correctly in TOS. The only way is to move to place the RSI between the 2 SMI’s and I set the top one to 3 (aqua) periods and the bottom to 2 (purple). Which is the faster SMI?

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