BinaDroid app by Troy Everett; Honest Scam Review!

The new BinaDroid 2 app by Troy Everett is a binary options trading robot you are probably hearing a lot about lately. In this review I would like to share some information about it. Since Jacob Jones, who is one of my employees, helped to produce the software, I will also say a few words about Jacob and finally, I will provide an update regarding my signals group and how can help you use the signals provided in my group.

As some of you already know, Jacob Jones has been helping me with my emails. I get hundreds of emails every day and with all the work I have, I barely have time to attend to my emails. Sometimes people wonder why a different person is answering them when they contact me. A few think I don’t even exist. There is even a theory that I am Jacob Jones. So once and for all, let me set things straight: I am NOT Jacob, and as you can see on my YouTube channel, I am a real person, just a very busy person, hence I hired Jacob to help.

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Now, the story of how BinaDroid 2 was born is quite interesting. Jacob met Troy Everett a few years ago, before he became a binary options trader. Troy developed a killer trading strategy, which is used in many trading houses to this day. Unfortunately, he didn’t get the credit he deserved so he left his company. Jacob suggested that he use his strategy in binary options and hooked him up with one of the companies that develop binary options trading software. This is how BinaDroid came to exist.

BinaDroid turned out to be a really great software. First of all, the fact that it’s available everywhere, in every country. I know that many people from India, Africa and others countries, were not able to join my AutoTrader and my other recommended signal services. With BinaDroid, you won’t have any issues regardless of where you are from. Also, the brokers available with the software are fantastic. BinaryTilt is regulated in Australia and New Zealand, traders in Europe can choose to go with Banc De Binary or OptionFM, both are EU-regulated. If you’re in South America, Empire Option would be a great choice since they are regulated there. Cherry Trade is one of my favorite brokers and they are also available. US traders can go with BinaryBook, which is one of the last off-shore brokers that offer access for Americans. And Big Option is another recommended broker available worldwide.

Unlike most other trading systems, BinaDroid has a highly helpful and responsive support team, which can be reached 24/7 by emailing: Finally, I will mention the fact that with BinaDroid you can trade 1, 3 and 5-minute trades on complete autopilot and the minimum trade is $5, unlike other systems, where it’s $25. I certainly encourage you to check out and give it a try if you would like to automate your trading.

Regarding my signals group on Facebook, we are growing really fast! We currently have more than 5,300 members, many of them are active traders who are making money by trading our signals. Our signal providers have an amazing all-time success rate of 79-81% ITM! We also have a new admin, which was added last week, John Mukunju. John has been providing us with signals for many months now and was picked by the group members themselves to be added as an admin. By following our signals, webinars and one-on-one training sessions, you can be certain you will see profits!

BinaDroid 2 is a Winning Software, it’s legitimate and profitable!

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Just so you have some background. is the biggest scam-exposing site in the industry based on For more information read the following recommendation on BOWD – BinaDroid Review by Watchdog!

Since some of the signals provided in my group are turbo trades (short-term trades, 5 minutes or less) and due to the fact that it can be quite tricky to place such trades manually, I would definitely suggest considering to use the BinaDroid, which also has a semi-automated feature. This allows you to easily and effortlessly place 1, 3 or 5 minute trades according to the turbo signals provided by our admins.

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In case you have any questions, comments or feedback related to the software by Troy Everett, please share your comment below this review or email me directly at and I’ll be glad to assist you further. Thank you for reading my BinaDroid review!