One Two Trade Scam

One Two trade Review- Is One Two Trade a Scam?

It’s not really a topic I like to get into but it’s necessary to disclose the negative parts of this industry. It is to our misfortune that many many binary options brands have used the easiness that requires to establish a company with one goal in my mind, which is to rip-off their clients.

This is a common practice with many industries and is widely seen in the online market place. The screening process is required when dealing with any service of product in question.

One Two Trade is an example of a binary options scam, a company that have proved in many instances the lack of care towards their clients demands for withdrawals or just the basic courtesy that one would expect from any service provider in which we naturally give even greater weight when dealing with an investment institution.

One Two Trade has been Black-Listed on several sites. I personally received many warnings and customer feedback on the One Two Trade platform from worried traders, waiting in vain for their money earned.

For a list of reliable broker visit my Binary Options Broker Reviews section for my recommended brokers! Reliability is essential and conducting a simple background check to screen any possible scam is recommended! Thanks for taking the time to read by One Two Trade Review. If you have any feedback or experience dealing with this company please make sure to email me at [email protected] and for my complete list of brokers reviews visit my YouTube Broker Reviews Play-list.

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32 Responses to “One Two Trade Scam”

  1. Gus Wieland Says:

    I have been trading with onetwotrade I lost almost Β£2000 their website is faulty when I requested my money they transferred instead of 3 days 13 days
    They are dangerous people criminals have all your details want to know everything about you. Blacklisted in U.S

  2. Paul Tam Says:

    I stopped trading with Onetwotrade when cutting my losses. The small amount that was left in the account was taken out as a continuing charge on the account (small print: if you don’t trade for a month etc.) I have asked them to close the account and not to charge my credit card ever again.
    Their website is rubbish in that when trying to retrieve my forgotten password, it flips back to home page. Emailng resulted in an automated reply suggesting also that I use “Live chat”. Link when nowhere! Total bandits as far as I can tell.

  3. David Says:

    Same thing. Avoid this scam.

  4. Michael P Says:

    if you’ve ever been interested in trading and the financial markets such as major currency pairs and shares in companies send me a email to [email protected] i work for

  5. Silvio Says:

    That’s the answer I’ve received from them when asking how serious are since i’ve read on internet that might not be a good idea to trust them:

    We are fully regulated by LGA and we are the only company in the world that have a visitors open office when you can meet the brokers, owners and managers.

    You can find dirt on any company in the world if you Google it. You can never satisfied every one.

    If one day you will be serious enough to get in grownups world , let me know and ill be more than happy to assist you.

    Best regards

    That completely convinced me to never trust this company was the last phrase.

  6. Evan Says:

    lost my 500 deposit on this onetwotrading, they said they never got it, taken out of my account, i want to go to authorities, i dont know where to begin

  7. Ray Says:

    The training is run by the “Global Trading Director”… He is an out of work actor who provides no training. There is no powerpoint presentation. He simply runs through the FAQ’s on the company website and plays videos of inspirational films.
    The most outdated mickey mouse operation i have ever come across

  8. XYZ Says:

    Hi Everyone

    If you’ve ever lost your money with onetwotrade you can get it all back, all you need to do is follow the following steps!!
    1) They are regulated by LGA which is in Malta and one thing that they are not allowed to do to investors is give them advice on investments, they do it all the time and in most cases clients looses money. if you write a letter stating that you were advised several times to trade x, y and z because of the major news coming out (which they do all day because i use to work there) and you demand all your money or you’ll email LGA which will results in them loosing their licence they will refund you every penny. ALL MY CLIENTS HAVE BEEN REFUNDED

    2) Your bank has a charge back service. If you tell your bank that onetwotradeare a scam they’ll automatically charge back every penny that came out of your card

    I hope that helps!! They’ve done enough damage to investors

  9. Michael Freeman Says:

    Thank you for sharing this useful information! OneTwoTrade and scam brokers are counting on traders to give up, assuming it would be difficult to get the money back. I hope that people who were victimized by this broker will follow your steps.

  10. david Says:

    Is 02/01/2014 5.30pm west Australian time. Just got a phone call on my mobile from onetwotrade. Was just searching google about them. Opened an account a few days ago. after reseach I am closing it. did not deposit any money so have not lost anything. the callers number was +442036758169. Regards David

  11. John Says:

    I’ve won a lot from OneTwoTrade but then I lost it all because I didn’t know when to stop. My choice that I had to live with. However, I recieved a call and they refunded my $250 AND gave me $500 on top of that! I’m also able to contact them for advice and resources on trading.

    My experience with them is outstanding!

  12. MARK Says:




  13. Michael Freeman Says:

    were you offered a job as a representative for One Two Trade? It was a great choice not to work there and be part of this criminal organization. Sooner or later when they shut them down and they might eventually prosecute anyone who was part of the scam!

  14. John Says:

    I recently created an account and deposited $250 to do so. I was then contacted by someone who introduced himself to me as my account manager. He said he would help guide me in my trades and while guiding me onetwotrade would provide education until I no longer needed his guidance. He then persuaded me to invest $5000 into the account and onetwotrade would match it. I did that. After some successful trades he encouraged me to invest more. I said I couldn’t afford it but he said after a month of trading I would be able to withdraw my initial deposits and trade with the profit. He was very persuasive and I eventually did. During the following weeks he advised me every night which currencies or indices I should trade, how much, What expiration etc. In other words he did all but actually click on the call or put button himself. Needless to say I’ve lost almost all my money. I would really appreciate some guidance as to how to phrase the letter that XYZ recommends. If you could advise me on phrasing and who I should address it to I would be very grateful as I’m in a desperate situation now.

  15. Worktjerenow Says:

    I work there now, not long been there but agree with everything, the conditions and hours are stupid, the greed, my friend had bank block because they said 2 firms trying to withdraw so now his boy doing it, I’m not bothered friendship worth more, besides I’m
    Raving tomorrow.

  16. micheal Says:

    worst thing to ever do in your life ! got sucked into thinking I could make quick money instead I ended up losing more which i hoped for.

  17. Brett Says:

    John some how I believe you work there, too come out with a comment like that… Says it all really, well iv contacted mfca and twere now. Talking as I can tell and prove certain things.

  18. John Rudkin Says:

    Hi Brett,
    No I don’t work there. I live in Australia. I’m not sure who mfca is?

  19. Brett Says:

    Mfca are Malta financial authority, lag lottery and gaming association they control there license for onetwotrade, they haven’t paid me, so ill be going down there and sitting there till they do. My email is [email protected] message me there mate.

  20. Russel Thomas Says:

    Always bad to head about this sort of thing. It’s very hard for new investors to be 100% confident before handing over their money to another party. I wish everyone all the best in recuperating their funds.

  21. dytie coward Says:

    I am happy reading all these reviews from client regards one two trade,I almost got caught into there investment.

  22. Alan beniard Says:

    I am trading with onetwotrade and see no problem with them.
    it’s the other side around,within five different brokers they were the ONLY one that were giving me the money back in time and with full response

  23. Jim roxer Says:

    I had a very good trading experience with those guys.

  24. Ashok Sharma Says:

    I was enticed into investing into one two trade by the Facebook posts of a relative in England who kept on posting how he was making 80% per trade. On contacting him he told me he worked as account manager for this great company one two trade that was a financially regulated company and enabled ordinary working men to multiply thier money and achieve early retirement. I started with Β£1000/- and they matched it with trading bonus. Then I was gradually enticed into investing another seven thousand dollars thinking the company was matching my deposits and I could withdraw it all after one year. Then after losing Β£2000/- and finding the company bonus could not be withdrawn without turning it over 15 times which would have been impossible I asked for them to close my account, take thier bonus back and just refund my balance Β£5000/- back. The very next day that I placed the withdrawal request somehow a Β£2000/- gold trade got placed in my account without my knowledge . Hence I got a reply to my withdrawal request that the funds of Β£5000/- that I wanted were no longer available in my account. I disputed that transaction and after several months of emails and phone calls the director Nick gave me a trading bonus of Β£2000/- that I could trade but not withdraw. After several months of arguments and getting no where I finally decided to give it up since I was refusing to place any trades and the company was charging me a non activity fee of Β£4.50/- every month. I decided to just withdraw my balance Β£3000/- and call it quits. Then I got a call from some trader at one two trade advising me to place a Β£4000/- bet on the EUR/USD saying this was a sure thing . Then I could withdraw all my money. I refused stating I would not place any trades unless my previous dispute was solved. Then you can guess what happens. A trade of Β£4000/- gets placed on my account and is lost without my knowledge until I get an email about it. Now I have no money left in my account to withdraw and maybe years of disputing after which I will get nothing. My relative who was my reason for investing in this company also left it after my first dispute and cannot help me. Never invest in this scam

  25. Michael Freeman Says:

    Hi Jim, your comment was posted from which is the OneTwoTrade company IP ..what a strange coincidence.

  26. Michael Freeman Says:

    Hi Alan, your comment was posted from which is the OneTwoTrade company IP ..what a strange coincidence.

  27. Montse Says:

    Hahaha!… Michael, that was really good!… and thinking that I was having an interview at one two trade for a job tomorrow?…

  28. Glen Bilj Says:

    An Amazing company.the only company that gave me my profits without asking any questions!Finally!

  29. maria Says:


  30. miko Says:

    Michael Freeman thank you brother now you convince me that guy is really onetwo trade guy, i realize that because time between this jim and alan comments its less then half hour, and the time between other comments is about 2-4 days, that’s how I realize that is lie and that comment is scam, than you, I don’t need to be hacker or admin of this site to realize that, but that is ok…..

  31. miko Says:

    you know what guys I think this was a my lucky because I found this site, I just writhing with lets say my manager from onetwotrade, I decide to deposit 200 CAD into my OTT account and I send him skype message, that I deposit money on OTT tummorow in the same time it’s now and if he can help me, and than he ask me for my OTT account number, then I go on google and search for onetwo trade and the first site was this site and I didn’t even look I click on this site, thinking I’m going on onetwotrade, but now I’m really happy because i have lucky and google put me this site on first place not onetwo trade, I’m really sorry for every one who lose money, and than you for saving me my 200 CAD and maybe more, but I’m sure only 200 CAD because nobody can persuade me on nothing what i don’t what to do….I have some other experience but with other site, I don’t know did I’m allowed to write about other site because this site is about OTT, but I have bad experience with ladbrokes (one games betting site) I start with 100 CAD and I win more than 1000 CAD and when I decide to withdraw that, they start to fck me( sorry I don’t know how explain my english is not good so I say fck me) I argument with them for more then 2 months and I didn’t get my money, I decide to bet all on barcelona and lose all I bet on barcelona and I lose because they finish 1:1 I forgot with who they play :D :D that was maybe 10 days ago :D, so now I don’t believe to nobody, and on that time when I deposit on ladbrokes acc I know they not give me any of my winnings but my friend persuade me to deposit and play, now i lose 100 CAD there but on OTT I not lose because I not deposit, Thank you all

  32. miko Says:

    now I close this OTT acc, probably this my fake manager don’t want to close my acc if I say him I don’t trade with you I want close my acc, I say him I want close my acc but I open a new one because my OTT acc is wrong ####### I send him that ####### and If he close that acc I block him on skype and newer again open this OTT :D :D

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