Online Black Market is a hideous SCAM!

Tuesday, May 12th, 2015

I review many online scams, such as the newly released ‘Online Black Market’, the subject of today’s review, and I can tell you right now that this software is one of the most manipulative offers I’ve encountered up until now. The website is different from the usual “are you sick of being poor? type scams”, it actually looks and sounds very convincing. In this case they literally took a topic of interest, the deep web, or the underground ‘black market’ as some people refer to it and entangled it with binary options trading. I won’t go much into the deep web, but it’s basically an encrypted market place for people who are looking to exchange illegal goods and services using the browser TOR, the truth is that binary options has nothing to do with any of this and though it might sound sophisticated and different from the regular ‘get rich quick’ pitch, you should be alerted that the Online Black Market is nothing more than the typical scam.

I know this for a fact as this product was launched on May 4th and so far I received nothing but complaints via email regarding this software which appears to be a white labeled automated binary options software with a losing ITM success rate. I still can’t wrap my mind around how they managed to connect between the deep web and binary options, but it surely targets those who might be inclined to believe in conspiracy theories and there’s demand for everything I guess.

The pitch page of the website looks different, it looks like a cheap imitation of YouTube, try to like or unlike the video or watch anything else on this page…It’s obviously a poorly made image static image. I am not sure what else I can say about this scam. I am not very much familiar with it besides all the emails I received from people who are reporting a success rate of less than %50 ITM, which is a losing one if you are trading binary options, with such poor results you will land your trading account in the ditch fairly quick.


It turns out that even though the fraudsters behind the scam were creative this time, they still failed to provide users with a legitimate binary options software. I hate to break the news to you if you are reading this warning but unfortunately there’s no underground secret software waiting for you on the other side, however since I never tried this software, I can’t really give you too much insight or details on the software in question but I will certainly appreciate if others will choose to share their experience or any information regarding the Online Black Market scam below this warning. I am adding this website to my binary options scams blacklist today, I was going to do it a few days ago, but I wanted to see if I will continue and receive more complaints and unfortunately I did so I am hoping that this review will hit the first page on Google within a few days and people searching for reviews on this fake offer will land on this page and save a $250-$500 deposit instead of landing on all the paid promotional reviews for the Online Black Market. May the truth go viral!!!

Sharing your experience will surely help so don’t hesitate to comment below.

If you are interested to learn more about binary options you can visit Mike’s YouTube channel. I posted around 200 videos on binary options tips, brokers, strategies and warnings. I recently established a Facebook signals group and community for online traders and I encourage you to watch my latest videos and learn more about it. Good luck to everyone and hopefully this review will save as many potential victims as possible.

Did you buy into the Copy Trade Profit Scam?

Tuesday, April 28th, 2015

The Copy Trade Profit software is up and running for about 2 weeks now and it obviously looks like the exemplary scam so let’s break it down. Is the Copy Trade Profit a genuine binary options auto trader? Are the reviews indicating that the software is the ‘real thing’ simply biased and were written for promotional reasons? I am going to give you some “food for thought” but either way, I am certain that in time, we will get some feedback from online traders who either tried or still trade with the software and I am looking forward to your responses so definitely share any thoughts you might have. looks like the typical scam. As you can clearly see, the website is designed to squeeze you into staying, somewhat forcefully, and if you try to click out of the website you’ll have to click a few times before they let you actually leave using all kinds of pop-ups and other landing pages with additional incentives and some extra advertising nonsense. “Can you afford passing on $2000-$5000 every day?” as quoted from the domain is another warning sign. I sincerely tried to put myself in the mindset of an individual who is absolutely new to the Internet and I realized quickly how easy it would be, even for those who might doubt this offer, to give in to it based on the type of psychological teasers used to persuade users to register. After reviewing so many similar websites like Copy Trade Profit, I cannot really buy into any shady looking offers and this is my general recommendation for everyone who is interested to make money online.

The problem is that even though based on the website gets roughly around 1500-3000 visitors each day, I’ve yet to receive any complaints and I am usually the first guy in the binary options industry people write to when they get scammed and I am always available by the way at to help out. I am faced with an objectivity dilemma at this point since not only that I didn’t receive alerting feedback such as I did with BinaryBoom ( scam review) and many other binary options scams, this time NADA, not a single complaint or warning. Is there anything I am missing? How come so many people are visiting this website and I still didn’t receive any complaints indicating that it’s a scam when every day I get around 200-300 emails? %20 of the emails I get are from binary options traders who are seeking help with credit card disputes and wanting me to blacklist and warn others of a fraud, share their experience with me and lash out. No one likes to donate $250 after being brain washed and given false hopes for a financial freedom. Scam artists are now becoming clever and when you ask them, why am I not making any money with your software? They’ll respond and state that “%3 of the members who use the software lose their money and they are the ones who usually post complaints online.” This is a dangerous statement because it speaks to the logic and at the same time it might motivate desperate individuals to deposit more. I know that this is a common tactic used by Binary Boom staff. It’s disgusting, I would rather be ignored and not get scammed again with a bunch of mind games.

I am not sure if CopyTradeProfit belongs to the same family of fraud offers as BinaryBoom, but I can tell you that in the case with the BinBoom software, not only that they are stealing money from people, I am getting reports from victims who claim that they software infected their computers with Malware. I checked into IC3 and the FBI warnings against online scams and guess what? This is one of the common warnings, therefore as clever as the software owner might be, he/she or they should know that the United States Federal court system will get them one day, so enjoy the money while you have it, this time you definitely went a little bit too far.

It could be that even though many people are visiting the website, they quickly realize it’s fake and leave or could it be that I am wrong and this auto trader actually works? I need some feedback, because traders are asking me for feedback and I don’t want to mistakenly mislead anyone, therefore I am not going to label Copy Trade Profit as a scam until I get sufficient evidence. I am not as quick as I was in the past to add a binary options broker or a signals service to my ‘list of shame’ because I want to give every software creator and binary options company owner the benefit of the doubt before I take measures to hurt their business.


So am I planning to try CopyTradeProfit? Not at all. If I find that it’s a great software I might but for the time being I am very happy with my Facebook Signals Group. Yes, it’s not an automated service but we’re a real community of over 1000+ members and 10+ active traders leading the group, posting 30-50 signals daily and educating new members. I believe that even though manual signals might not be suitable for everyone, and many of you are just looking for the easiest way to make money, you should know that you are so much better off with a %100 transparent service, a group where you can express your opinions or post your questions and get an immediate response. A community of online traders where the top traders get rewarded for contributing to the group with instant cash bonuses, and I am not referring to the typical bonus, ths bonuses I give my traders are immediate and sent to them in cash, PayPal, bank wire. No such a group is available today in the industry besides my group on Facebook and thanks to my amazing admins and top traders in the group, I can safely say that you can look no further!

If you are sick and tired of all the empty promises and these well marketed pitch pages that at the end of the day, deliver nothing but a major headache, you should either trade on your own with a regulated broker, demo, or join a safe binary options community such as the one I created. If you are not familiar with me, my name is Michael Freeman, I own the most viral binary options channel on YouTube (Mike’s YouTube Channel) with 13,000 subscribers and several financial blogs. I encourage you to check out some of my latest videos relating to the group on my channel as well as an article I’ve written pointing out all the reasons why our binary options signals group on Facebook is really the best option out there right now.

the winning team

Please share your experience if you tried Copy Trade Profit or if you have any plans to give it a try. I always love to get feedback so definitely feel free to share it. If I get enough complaints I will add this new software to the blacklist in order to warn others. For the time being, I am just going to conclude this review by stating that my gut feeling tells me that this website is indeed a scam, however being a man of science I will surely wait for evidence before I can reach a final determination, therefore you should consider this warning as a good theory unless proven otherwise.

Automated Cash Signals SCAM Alert!!!

Monday, April 20th, 2015

The newly released Automated Cash Signals is already getting lot’s of negative feedback and it certainly appears to be another scam. I strongly advice you to stay away from the following website: or anything that looks remotely similar! The fancy cars and luxury life style is again used, not to my surprise, to manipulate and give binary options traders false hopes without any actual evidence or real testimonials to back any of the claims.

The idea of getting a $1,000/day is getting old, of course online traders can achieve a high performance and make this kind of money as your profits are also relative to your ‘amount’ traded each time you take a position, however you will never see a penny or even a dollar with the Automated Cash Signals based on the feedback that I am getting, reporting a performance below %50 ITM which is evidently not enough to generate money trading binary options. Lately it seems like is heavily marketed via email campaigns, blogs and even Google ads. The Alexa ranking for this website indicates that many people are visiting this pitch page offer and unfortunately a percentage of the people who will visit this website will make the mistake and sign up with the hopes of making a 5 or 6 figure income a month and completely passive without raising a finger… The saying “If it’s too good to be true…” is getting old, but I must say that scams like the Automated Cash Signals are also getting really old.


“secure your position Now, OR LOSE IT FOREVER!” is this some kind of a threat of what?…

I surely hope that most online traders will do an extensive research before they register with this fraud because unfortunately on Google you will find many fake Automatedcashsignals reviews promoting this virtual garbage, trying to hide the truth with as many websites as they can, however, I am a strong believer that in most cases the truth goes viral, therefore this review is bound to rank higher eventually will raise above the promotional reviews for this pointless offer in the Google search results, especially if you guys comment and share your feedback.

You have to really ask yourself if this is how you want to start you online trading venture and perhaps the idea of looking for short-cuts is a dangerous path. Not many signals services for binary options and fx are as profitable and reliable as they claim, but since there is a great demand for auto traders and signals services, many marketers are cashing on this opportunity. Just to give you an example, you will find a bunch of warning signs, all common denominators that these scams share, such as the: the pictures of fast cars, sleazy voice over, fake testimonials by actors from, limited number of spots left, pop-ups and of course when you try to click out of Automated Cash Signals there’s another page in which they beg you to stay with more lies, just in case you are on the fence and might still buy into the scam…I say, click out and never look back.

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I can go on and rant about the Automated Cash Signals forever, there’s plenty I can say… especially after I already received horrible feedback from real users who emailed me to warn me about this offer. This “Service” is now on my Binary Options Scams – Blacklist with the rest of the scams I exposed in the last years. I encourage you to seek an alternative and I surely hope that you found this review on time. If you already tried this software or currently trading with it, I would love to get your feedback, please share your comments below this post.

Thousand Dollar Days SCAM

Saturday, April 11th, 2015

Another fake autotrader is now going viral, the Thousand Dollar Days software, so if you are looking to lose some money, you should go ahead and give it a try. In reality, this is another scam, a pure example of the average money-making scheme targeting binary options traders with fake promises. “A Team of Regulated Traders” as they state yet when I contacted their support to get some kind of a regulations or license number, they completely ignored my request. I highly doubt any claim made on the website. The fact that they guarantee a $1000/day for each member who joins is already enough to raise suspicion. Of course I can be picky and also mention the fake testimonials, snapshots, misleading disclaimers, lack of support and a list of warning signs I can go on forever.

The way the Thousand Dollar Days scam works is very simple, they do it by luring you in with promises no one can refuse and then get you to deposit money with unregulated brokers who are cooperating with their scam. seasoned traders know that they should avoid the average looking pitch page scam but many traders fall victims and it’s an unfortunate way to start a day trading career. I am hoping that this review will serve as a warning for new traders or anyone who is seeking to make money online in a legitimate way. I can tell you right now that, without trying this myself, this is a %100 pure scam and I find it necessary to warn as many people as I can.


The Thousand Dollar Days scam is not as viral as the Binary Boom software ( Scam Warning) and less traders are asking me about it but either way, it’s important for me to create a review where people can freely post their feedback and share their honest experience. I Googled “Thousand Dollar Days Review” and all I managed to find were a bunch of promotional reviews, none of the testimonials seem to be authentic. If I am wrong and this is truly a “break-trough system” I will be glad to admit it but honestly I believe that in time, visitors and members will post their feedback on and we will know exactly how well the software is performing.

So I will keep it short, I just wanted to alert you guys. This is a new scam and it’s being heavily promoted on many blogs, YouTube videos and via email campaigns. Be sure to leave your feedback if you have any information to share concerning Thousand Dollar Days. I welcome you all to visit my complete Binary Options Scams list as well as some of the binary options signals services I recommend. Stay safe everyone and thank you for taking a moment to read my warning.

Binary Boom Scam Exposed Again!

Wednesday, April 8th, 2015

Binary Boom is a scam and the 2nd generation of Insured Profits and Binary Matrix Pro.

It seems like the warning on concerning Binary Boom didn’t go viral enough and it doesn’t show up in the search results many times so I am going to give it a try myself. I really hope that people will read this review before it’s too late and their money will be in the hands of Apparently there are now fake “watchdog” websites promoting the offer, obviously created to manipulate newbies and amateur binary options traders by creating trust through branding.

First, why am I cancelling BinBoom without even trying the software? It doesn’t take a genius to realize that this is a money trap if you have experience and know how to identify basic warning signs you will definitely reach the conclusion that this is a fraud. Furthermore, I surely won’t try the Binary Boom after reading all the horrible feedback on Watchdog’s BinaryBoom Scam Warning by actual traders who signed up with this nonsense. It really concerns me that even on a reliable forum like this rubbish software is promoted, the first search result on Google when you look up “Binary Boom”. I posted a comment trying to warn people just a little while ago but I am pretty sure that the comment will get deleted by the person who created the promotional thread. I guess they are letting scammers promote fake products on Warrior Forum now which is very disappointing for me as an active member of the forum for many years. Anyway, none of the fake reviews will help them stay at the top on Google since I plan to alert other binary options websites and also post a video warning on my YouTube channel so together with the warning on WatchDog, my review and the upcoming warning on YouTube, hopefully more traders will get exposed to the truth and stay away from this offer.

Why do I feel like it’s necessary to target well, it’s nothing personal but after checking the website stats and getting more than a few complaints from subscribers, I know that this is one of those viral money traps, one out of many similar scams that are coming out left and right so it’s a duty for anyone with an authority website in the industry to warn others, especially when an offer is heavily promoted on fake websites and solicited to the public via mass email campaigns.


If you are interested to trade binary options you can find better alternatives. I am sure that most traders would agree that it’s safer to trade with fully EU regulated broker to avoid getting scammed by an over-night broker, the type of brokers that are connected (syned) with and other similar scams.

I am not going to use this “stage” to promote my own services for binary options but I do want to encourage you to visit my YouTube Channel (Mike’s Binary Options Channel). You will find lot’s of great resources and information that you may find useful if you are into binary options. In fact, my YouTube channel is the biggest in the industry in terms of views and subscribers and I posted around 200 videos covering many different topics on binary options.

Hopefully this BinaryBoom Review will go viral and many people will see it. I am strong believer that the truth always goes viral. I encourage you to help me get the word out by commenting below this review, especially if you are trading with this software at the moment. I will be really surprised if anyone has anything good to say because so far all I am getting is that the software generates around %30-%50 ITM and that there’s no customer support at all. Traders cannot get anyone to assist them via chat, email, you are basically looking at ‘no support and a disastrous ITM’, which will surely land your account right in the ditch.

Move on to a legitimate service or simply trade on your own! Either way you will have a much higher chance to succeed with binary options which involves a lot of risk, so watch out for scams, also visit my complete Binary Options Blacklist for more warnings on shady brokers and services. Conclusion… Don’t sign up with this BinBoom, BinaryBoom.. It’s shady, fake, misleading..avoid it!!!! P.S. – just before I was about to post this very discouraging Binary Boom review I managed to verify, on their promotional site, that this website was in fact created by the same webmasters who launched Insider John, Binary Matrix Pro and Insured Profits, which all happen to be the biggest scams that this industry had seen in the last 2 years, scams that I personally warned my subscribers right after the launch, one by one, and I will keep reviewing any future products they come out with. If this is not enough to convince you that you shouldn’t sign up with the promising offer, go for it, I did my part and warned you. Please share your feedback below and thank you for taking the time to read my warning.

Mike’s Facebook Signals Group Survey

Monday, April 6th, 2015

the winning team


Thank you for completing my survey. It will be interesting to get your feedback, I am a big fan of statistics, it’s certainly a great way to measure feedback and now that our binary options group consists of over 1000 members we can surely get all the stats we need.  If you are not yet a member of Mike’s Facebook Signals Group I encourage you to join us at and also check out some of the feedback and testimonials posted by our members on one of my latest videos on YouTube:

Guaranteed Outcome SCAM!!! Warning!

Thursday, April 2nd, 2015

Wednesday, April 1st, 2015 by Michael Freeman

Guaranteed Outcome is a SCAM! The same ole’ phrases are getting old and online traders are sick and tired of hearing about how they can make millions in a few weeks, the same dream that and other fake Auto Traders are selling the public, on a weekly basis, each time with a different name, today this “Guaranteed” to lose your money offer is joining my blacklist. For experienced online traders, it’s obviously a joke, a fake software that one can easily detect. Unfortunately many new traders and online newbie opportunities seekers are signing up with shady offers like Guaranteed Outcome, now promoted all over the web on fake blogs and via email marketing campaigns. If you search for reviews on Guaranteed Outcome on Google, you will find nothing but great endorsements. Why is that? It’s because the people behind the scam are clever enough to create these positive reviews before they launch the product to the public just in case someone like me will post a warning.

By the time, I post this warning, I am pretty sure that 100’s of people already fell victim to the “Guaranteed to Lose Your Money ASAP scam” AKA Guaranteed Outcome. “Victor Lambert” or whoever you are, my friend you are a scammer and now you are exposed.

Notice that all the websites promoting this offer are not related to online trading and/or websites where other fake offers are promoted without any solid evidence or testimonials of anyone’s success, you won’t find any success stories besides the one’s by actors hired by to say whatever they’re told to say for a few dollars.  You will not find promoted on any legitimate Binary Options or Forex portal! Nada! I hope that by posting this review I can stop traders from joining this viral scam and hopefully people who already signed up would be kind enough to share some feedback and warn others below this review! In fact, even if you never signed up with this offer I encourage you to check it out quickly without signing up and let me know what you think. I mean, this is as close to the definition of scam! For me being in the industry for 4+ years, I know that it’s a pure %100 fraud and I know it because of all the complaints and due to all the similar scams that are coming out and resemble this offer any way you look at it, the psychology, the promises, the actors, the fake testimonials.. all the warning signs are on the first page. Check it out for yourself and you’ll understand exactly what I am warning you about.


The funny part is how the ‘voice over’ actor goes over his $1,000,000 bank account, which is a common tactic used by almost all fake money-making schemes. A snapshot of a fake bank account can be created in a matter of minutes or purchased from for about $5 so every person can post bank snapshots with millions of dollars and their name on it. Unfortunately there’s not even a single indication that this offer is legitimate in any way and I encourage you all to avoid it! Don’t take your chances with this one, you’re bound to lose your money.

I strongly encourage you to trade binary options with a reliable broker, a demo or a successful community/signals service and avoid all the fake money-making schemes. My top rated brokers are Topoption, NO1option and CherryTrade. US traders can register with they are reliable and available world-wide! is my #1 rated EU regulated broker in the industry, they also offer a $100 minimum when you start. I also encourage you to check out my latest article on my new Signals Facebook group, a %100 transparent community of traders dedicated to each other’s success! The group now consists of over 900+ traders and successful admins who post signals for the group 24/05.  Mike’s Facebook Signals Group and Community

Be sure to check out Mike’s Binary Options Scams Exposed!

10 Reasons why WE are the BEST Binary Options Signals Group Online!

Saturday, March 28th, 2015

Saturday, March 28th, 2015 by Michael Freeman

My Binary options signals service is the best one you’ll find in this industy. We are not another SignalPush, Signal This or Signals That..We are not a fake binary options auto trader or a “ghost town” Facebook group. We are as real as it get! Let’s set the record straight, I know it’s Saturday and markets are closed but the truth must be heard and now is a perfect time. I’ve been in this industry for 4+ years now and it’s time for binary options traders to wake up and stop losing money with scams and today I want to explore what makes us different and better than other binary options signals services and ‘why it’s scary’ for competing services/blogs/haters.. I will gladly debate any of the reasons I mentioned in this article to support my claims, so after you’re done, be sure to comment below, challenge me if you wish, let’s open this up for debate. I am personally confident that I am on the right path and I find it hard to believe that there’s a binary options signals service that is performing better than my Facebook Binary Options Signals Group. Don’t forget that I am the guy who people email when they get scammed. I know %90 of the binary options services and how they are performing, or should I say ‘under-performing’ as well as exactly how most of them operate.

Why are we the best Binary Options Signals service online? 

1) Mike’s Group on Facebook is the only binary options service where all members can receive cash rewards when they produce great results for the group. If you want Michael Freeman to transfer you a $200 immediately via PayPal, Western Union, Money Gram or Bank wire, all you have to do is post 5 ITM trades on the group’s wall so our traders can profit from your signals and the money is yours, same day, no questions asked! Help my members and get paid.

2) If you did receive a cash bonus from a different group or a service, and I find it hard to believe knowing how greedy people are in this industry..How about a $1000 CASH REWARD for getting my group 12 ITM trades in a row? I paid the $1000 bonus twice in the last two weeks and $1000’s since I established the group and many members will and have testified that they’ve been paid and immediately, I have the snapshots, real YouTube comments and all the evidence to support my claims.

3) Michael Freeman is NOT greedy!! We are not SignalPush or SignalsThat… we are not another Fake Auto Trader, “money-making scheme” or anything remotely close to it, we are also not a Facebook group with 20,000 members, %90 fake users, yet no interaction, Mike’s Group is not a “Ghost Town” Facebook group.  We are a family of traders dedicated to help each other succeed in this journey. We have members in the group from all parts of the world and every continent and we’re all good friends.

4) Talk about SignalPush and other similar services, they will make you sign up with multiple brokers, in order to follow each and every trader, it’s an affiliate scheme designed to get you to register with as many brokers as possible for their affiliate money, such as with so many services. I know the owner of SignalPush personally, he is a good guy but he is also greedy in my opinion, therefore he is no match as we’re not in the same league. You can’t compare between an Apple and a Rotten Tomato, it’s not a fair comparison. Furthermore, SignalPush and many services are working with scam brokers, some are unregulated, so it doesn’t really matter if they have 1-2 good traders around sending signals, if you can’t withdraw your money at the end, it’s pointless, isn’t it?

5) This is not a fake auto trader, it’s very important to note that the technology companies who are creating the auto traders are working with the brokers, I have evidence to support this claim, which is why I plan to NEVER release an auto trader to the market. I tried it before and raised a lot of donations to charities in the process, but it’s no way to succeed with binary options if you’re looking for a reliable long-term solution.

6) Unlike MOST binary options services, you will never be required to pay recurring fees, never! It’s %100 free for life, all you are required to do is register ONE time with a broker, and you know what, if you are a good trader, earn one bonus and you already covered your initial deposit. I also let members who are in the group invite their friends and colleagues without a broker registration requirement. “Greedy Mike, letting people join the group completely free, it must be a scam…”. 😛

7) Shouldn’t I be afraid that some services might copy my business model if it’s so great??? NO, this is the least of my concerns and I will be more than happyto see others follow this model but I know that in reality people are too greedy in this industry. I give my traders bonuses on a daily basis, at the end of the month, after taxes, I am not exactly ‘Bill Gating’ with this group at this point, but I know that it’s the real thing and I will continue and stand behind it, traders are welcome to donate and help the group, but it’s never a requirement. I am going to work hard and ensure that Mike’s Facebook Signals Group remains in the lead and this is at the top of my agenda.

8) The bonus structure only motivates our good traders/members to contribute to the group by thinking twice before posting a signal on the wall, knowing that a bonus is at stake. Life is a “two-way street”, I know in my heart and mind that when you give back, you get a lot in return. I see it every day and this is why I have many amazing traders with me and they keep joining our group, traders such as Pritesh, Michael, Obar, Suraj, Alex, Reuben, Rene, James, Nihas and many new talents are forming as we are a fast growing group online. In my group you don’t need to be an “admin” in order to make money, we also have quiz winners and other incentives I give to members for helping the group in other ways. This is not just a group but a great community and I see my members as friends vs clients.

9) We are %100 transparent unlike most services, groups on Facebook, SignalPush, SignalFeeds, Signal This and Signal That…Everyone is free to comment and engage in the group. Together we can achieve better results, through open communication, bonus incentives and freedom of speech. The one freedom that is lacking anywhere you try to “situate yourself” in the binary options world.

10) All services in this industry will require you to pay recurring fees, yet most of them average %40-%60 ITM, not enough for you to make it, yet for some odd reason they still feel as if it’s necessary to charge you a $100-$200/month to stay a member. If you are a member of such group, don’t forget that you can always ask for your money back from your credit card company or PayPal within 30-45 days.

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Now after you’re done reading what I have to say about this amazing project, I want to hear what you guys have to say. Let’s open this up for debate. I am willing to take hard questions, any questions, feedback. Go for it. I stand %100 behind this group and I’m extremely proud of my traders and members. I invite you to join us and take part in our growing family of traders. Either way, if you decide to trade on your own instead, I wish you all the best and please don’t fall into any “make money quick” schemes. Stay safe and be sure to enjoy your online trading journey.

Tips for my Binary Options Signals Group on FaceBook

Sunday, March 22nd, 2015

Sunday, March 22nd, 2015 by Michael Freeman

Greetings everyone!!! I am posting this article as we’re approaching Monday, markets will gradually open and our traders and signals group’s admins will soon begin their trading sessions. Before I continue I just want to mention that the tips are useful for everyone who is trading binary options and is not written exclusively for my Facebook group members.

Let’s start with one of the most important challenges that traders face when following signals, ‘TIMING’, and it plays a major role in most cases, especially since the signals we post are with a short-term expiry often ranging between 10-30 minutes. How do we tackle this issue in the best way and trade on time? It’s actually a lot more simple than you think. It appears that with some web browsers you can ‘auto refresh’ every 1-5 seconds, just change the browser setting (refer to the following article for more info: ). In our Facebook group when a signal is posted on the wall you will receive a sound notification and with auto-refresh you’ll manage to catch each signal on time and avoid delays. Trading with the Facebook application on your mobile phone might not be ideal as you might receive the signals notifications with a slight delay.

If you already completed my binary options quizzes you should know by now, ‘how to’ follow a signal when it’s posted on our group’s wall but I’ll quickly go over an example again of a typical signal based on the posting standard in our group:  EUR/USD Strike Rate: 1.5029 Call 15:00GMT . How would you approach this signal? First, it’s a BUY = CALL signal, therefore the price is expected to raise by 15:00GMT and above the strike rate. In some cases you want to enter a trade immediately if the price, per this example, is substantially below the Strike Rate: 1.5029. However, in some cases you want to wait for a better time to enter the trade, the price might still might shift up and down before the expiry. If it’s too late, skip the signal and don’t enter a trade above the strike rate per this example of a typical CALL signal. Entering a trade with a price level above 1.5029 would be risky per this example.

Often I see traders enter mutiple trades per one signal, now..if you are following one of the admins in the group, you are safe entering multiple trades, however I still don’t recommend making it into a habit as it will mess up your ITM statistics. If per each signal you generate a differnet # of trades, you won’t manage to keep track of your ITM results and it will not be in-line with the signals service results. You might get a higher ITM but you might get a lower ITM since you randomly enter multiple trades in some cases, in my view it’s an emotional response and you should refrain from doing it. The point is that when the adrenaline is pumping, we often jump and enter multiple trades, but I don’t recommend turning it into a habit for STATS sake 😉 .

So who should you follow? In Mike’s Group on Facebook, traders get cash rewards when they post 5+ winning trades on the group’s wall, therefore many traders are now motivated to post good signals on the wall. I found that it’s a great way to find new talents. However, we do have posting rules and if a trader generates too many losing trades we tell him/her to kindly take a break ;). Yes, we have new talents in the group and many of them are winning the cash bonuses for being “serial ITM’ers” and contributing to the group, but as a general recommendation, I would invest more when following signals posted by one of the admins. They are admins in the group for a reason and get paid to produce great results for the group. If you are following someone who’s relatively new in the group, you can still trade a small amount or demo trade it, but don’t invest the same amount you invest when you’re following one of the admins as a general suggestion. Looking for a free demo? You got it! Free Binary Options Demo.

So to summarize, again, you should trade the same amount each time you receive a signal, trade higher amounts when following the group’s admins, never trade more than %10 of your account balance, skip trades that you can’t follow with a good price rate relative to the strike rate, set your browser on auto refresh and close all other apps while trading to avoid glitches and platform slow-downs.

Most of all, stay positive, enjoy the rush and expect many ITM’s if you are part of our group. I wish you all a great week and hopefully the above tips can help you with my service or in general if you decide to trade binary options.


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Cheers to a great week full of ITM’s!!!! Good luck to all traders and remember that if you have any questions before, during or after each session you can always contact me or one of our amazing admins.

Mikes Binary Options Quiz 6

Saturday, March 21st, 2015




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