Mikes Binary Options Quiz 2

Friday, February 27th, 2015


Thank you for taking Quiz # 2 intented for new traders and Mike’s Facebook Group’s members to ensure that you are aware of basic management skills as well as how to follow signals properly. I would love for you guys to leave a feedback after you finish with the quiz if you are a member of my Facebook Signals Group. How are you doing? Are you happy with the results and with our group? Let the world know how we’re doing!
I am really glad to see us growing and with the help my amazing admins, we are pulling a very high ITM!!! The group became not only the leading binary options Facebook group in the industry, but also a growing family of traders who really care about each other’s success. We support each other and together we profit! I encourage more online traders to join us. We are honest, hard working traders and by partnering with us vs going with a bunch of shady signals services you will surely be on the right track if you plan to trade binary options seriously. Our focus is not only to provide our members quality signals but it’s also to educate them with everything related to money management, risk, choosing brokers, setting expiry, the right features when necessary (roll over/sell back) and everything that a true mentor/admin should provide for a fellow member. We do it all! This group is intended to provide an unprecedented added value that is not yet available anywhere in the industry. Let’s do it together!
I encourage you to join us via the following page: http://binaryoptionschannel.com/join-my-private-signals-group/

Mike’s Binary Options Quiz

Monday, February 23rd, 2015


Mike’s Facebook Signals Group Quiz

Thank you for taking the FB group introductory quiz. The questions are meant to ensure that new and current group members fully understand how to enter trades while following the signals posted on the group’s page. If you are not clear in regards to ‘how to trade’ or if you have any questions regarding the right timing, budget and brokers you are welcome to ask me or one of the group’s admins, Lee, Aditya and Guy.
Any Feedback on how our signals group is performing? Post it below! Thank you for taking my binary options quiz!

Verified Trader SCAM! Avoid VerifiedTrader.net it’s a Money Trap!!!

Tuesday, February 17th, 2015

Tuesday, February 17th, 2015 by Michael Freeman

I would like to welcome Verified Trader (VerifiedTrader.NET) to my Binary Options BlackList and warn new traders who might encounter this fraudulent offer. The software was launched yesterday, on 02/16/2015 and it’s already getting terrible ratings, many of my YouTube and blog subscribers are receiving email advertisements and asking about Verified Trader, is it legit or is in a scam? It’s definitely a scam and here is why!

1) The website VeriTrades.net was just recently established in the last week based on Alexa.com indicating that it was created for the sole purpose of “verifying” this offer. Both websites point to the same IP and hosting, the two websites were created by the same person.

2) I am a frequent buyer on Fiverr, I purchased banners and all kinds of gigs for my website and guess what? All the “traders” from the introduction video on Verified Trader are Fiverr actors, I recognize every single one of them.

3) All the awards and endorsments for the websites were given by inexistent entities like the ones in the image:

verifiedtrader scam

4) If VerifiedTrader.net was launched yesterday, how do they already have a bunch of Beta Testers who are making $600-$4,000 a day? Strange and fictional if you ask me.

I personally think that a few warnings by traders who lost money with this new offer are enough to determine it’s credibility and blacklist ‘VerifiedTrader’ in order to warn others! On first look, it does seem like a convincing offer but don’t be fooled. This is another well designed scam, synced with unregulated binary options brokers.

Anyone who claims a %95 ITM performance with Auto Trading or any type of trading is most likely feeding you with lies. It only takes a solid %70 ITM+ to profit from binary options so don’t let these imaginary claims fool you.

Here is a snapshot of the alleged performance results by VerifiedTrader.com


Don’t waste your time and money with the Verified Trader scam. It’s a well-designed and highly misleading money-making scheme. Instead you should trade on a free demo account if you are a complete beginner or join a serious signals service or mentoring by actual traders vs ‘fraud online marketers’.

Recently I established a new Facebook Signals group allowing traders to interact and share ideas and with the help of two wonderful Admins (Lee and Aditya) we are generating a very high ITM, not a %95.. but we are definitely ‘In The Money’ most of the time with a very solid %74+ ITM performance. If you are interested to join us, simply submit the form on Mike’s Facebook Signals group and I’ll send you an invitation.

Mike’s Facebook Signals Group introduced on YouTube

If you are interested in other alternatives to VerifiedTrader.com, visit my list of recommended signals services for FX and binary options – Mike’s Recommended Signals and also check out my Binary Options SCAMS Blacklist for all the latest warnings on scam brokers and signals services.

Please share your feedback if you tried Verified Trader or if you have any questions relating to binary options.

Mike’s Signals now available on Facebook

Sunday, February 15th, 2015

Monday, February 16th, 2015 by Michael Freeman


Hi folks, I am excited to introduce my new Facebook binary options signals group. A great way to trade binary options and share ideas with other traders. A new community for binary options traders with mentoring and daily signals, but not just by me, I am well-connected in the industry and interact with my subscribers. It turns out that it paid off as I met some awesome people along the way.

It all started when I met Lee Oshea and Aditya Kumar, both have been following my YouTube channel and decided to join my new Facebook signals group. Early on I realized that I can use Facebook not only to send signals, but also as a platform for traders to engage in an open conversation with all members of the group, explore trading ideas, fundamental analysis, technical analysis and engage with the group. Another announcement I made was in regards to the signals, I gave the option for other traders to post their signals, of course be mindful and do your best before you alert the group, the point is that everyone is invited to take part in the group and potentially become an Admin.

In the last couple of weeks I found that both Lee Oshea and Aditya Kumar are not only good friends and awesome YouTube subscribers, they are also outstanding binary options traders. In fact, they helped boost the overall groups ITM, volume of signals and created a lot of engagement among the group’s members. Both are now Admins in the group and active traders, operating at different hours and posting signals in my private Facebook Signals Group.

Mike's Signals Group

I honestly think that establishing the Facebook Signals Group was a genius idea, after all, having other professional traders help me manage the group and post strong signals on a daily basis is not only a great way for me to focus on trading without the pressure to send a lot of signals every day, as I much rather send a few strong signals when I recognize good trading opportunities, it also became an online trading community vs just another signals service.

All you have to do is be a member of the group and each time a new signal is posted you will receive an email and a sound alert. You can see the group’s ITM and I’ll be glad to show you updated snapshots of signals posted in the group if you are not convinced. Check out my latest video introducing the group,I will be sure to post additional updates on a weekly basis showcasing the group’s performance.

Before you Join my new Facebook Signals Group, note that if you are already a member of my Auto Trading Service you will receive free access without any additional donation requirement or a broker registration. If you are not yet a member of MikesAutoTrader.com I encourage you to join and I will add you to my Facebook group without a second broker registration requirement or any fee. The charity donation is no longer mandatory if you are interested to join my Auto Trader, however if you have the budget for it, please donate at least $50 to one of the charities I listed on the second page or choose one of your own and forward me the donation receipt to tradingbinaryonline@gmail.com as I keep track of all the donations we raise. So far we reached over $140,000 in donations since the launch of my auto trader. I can send you links to some videos relating to my auto trader, just shoot me an email.
Check out the endorsement and thank you letter I received from ALittle4Alot Foundation and the SyrianOrphans Foundation for the contributions we made to these life saving organizations.
Here is a video I posted when we reached $50  in donations.
If you plan to join my Auto Trader, I can also email you a short tutorial. After you join, I will send you an invitation to my new Facebook Signals Group so you can take part in our new trading community. If you are only interested in my Facebook Signals you can register via the Groups Page. Please post your feedback or questions below this post. Cheers to a lot of success in 2015!

How Low-Volatility ETF’s can Better Your Winning Ratio

Friday, February 13th, 2015

Friday, February 13th, 2015 by Sjay Bell

Ordinarily, traders have a tendency to commit an error by mistakenly selecting the buying and selling entry and exit points when trading. On the off chance that a trader commits an error and purchases a security in the uptrend and afterward sells in the downtrend, chances are they will lose their speculation. Committing such errors consecutive can gradually deny the financial specialist of their well-deserved money. This sort of misfortune can likewise have a mental impact by diminishing the contributing certainty off the speculator. To abstain from committing such straightforward errors when trading binary options, it is fitting to manage stocks that have generally low volatility, for example, the low volatility exchange-traded funds. ETF’s are the best alternatives for traders who need to maintain a strategic distance from the buildup connected with most stocks since they can agreeably take part in exchanging while being exposed only to minimal risks.

Power Shares S&P 500 Low Volatility is the most settled and the most widely recognized ETF accessible. This ETF tracks around 100 stocks in the S&P 500 index (SPX) which are of low volatility. The unpredictability is assessed measurably focused around the yearly value vacillations. SPLV is connected with a low cost ratio and each one stock in this portfolio has equivalent weight and is typically re-balanced on a quarterly premise. By exchanging this ETF, a financial specialist can altogether exchange on substantial stocks which display strength in their value developments. Counting SPLV in a portfolio can help to dispose of the slip-ups made when selling or buying assets at the wrong times.

Profits savvy, ETF’s get higher profits when compared with different indexes which are development situated. Looking at the SEC yield of the SPLV to that of the aggregate yield in SPDR S&p 500; SPLV will dependably have a higher yield than the last. Despite the fact that the SEC yields are divided by a little margin, it doubtlessly implies a considerable measure. SPLV likewise has an edge as far as wage payday. SPLV wage is typically paid on month to month premise instead of a quarterly premise and henceforth it is appealing to salary seekers.

An alternate ETF that is justified even despite a position in your exchanging portfolio is the EFAV (MSCI EAFE Minimum Volatility). EFAV has 205 stocks which are conveyed in Australia, Europe and Asia. They additionally display stable value developments like the SPLV. It embodies substantial top organizations in UK, Japan and Switzerland. Not at all like most ETF’s, EFAV is ascribed to higher instability regarding outside business sectors. Along these lines, both SPLV and EFAV can help flavor up an exchanging portfolio by minimizing the level of danger introduction and in the meantime expanding the pay potential.

Techniques Involved in ETF Trading Portfolios

At whatever point stocks exchange at valuations which are over their ordinary qualities, acquiring an exchanging position in such a situation can be a troublesome errand since the entry points are not generally unmistakably characterized. Nonetheless, since the costs of ETF’s are abate and stable, entry points can be made anytime. Regardless of the possibility that the startling happens, value developments will be generally low and subsequently exceptionally insignificant misfortunes will happen on the off chance that a speculator chooses to sell their position.

Shrewd traders can utilize an alternate technique which involves utilizing the ETF’s amid business sector peaks. This move is gone for lessening the beta of any speculation. At the point when exchanging SPLV and EFAV, it is prudent to pivot between the two while exchanging request to amplify picks up from the ETF’s.

Final thought…

Exchanging ETF’s are for the most part connected with negligible dangers and henceforth they are the best alternatives for conservative traders. On the off chance that a trader has an issue in distinguishing offering and purchasing focuses when exchanging conventional assets, it is prudent for them to wander into ETF exchanging first which offers low volatility.

I hope you all found this very beneficial. Feel free to comment about any questions and concerns. Be sure to check out our articles for more beneficial information. Cheers!

FTSE 100 Trading Tips

Thursday, January 22nd, 2015

Thursday, January 22th, 2015 by Tim Lanoue

When it comes to trading indices online with binary options it can be exceptionally difficult to find a high success rate trading strategy which is why today we are going to cover some extremely effective tips on how to successfully trade the FTSE 100 Index with binary options. Almost every binary option broker offers this asset but I would be willing to stick my neck out there and say that maybe 5% of all binary option traders actually trade this often forgotten indice. These tips can be used by traders of all experience levels and I highly encourage to use these tips when trading the FTSE 100 with binary options.

Introduction to the FTSE 100 Index

For those of you not familiar with the FTSE 100 Index it is an asset that measures the performance of the Top 100 grossing companies on the LSE, otherwise known as the London Stock Exchange. However, when it comes to trading with binary options it is offered in a derivative form and sometimes known as the UK Index among various other binary option brokers.

Public Service Announcements

This is the number one factor to closely watch and take advantage of when considering to invest with the FTSE 100 with binary options. In order to closely observe public service announcements I would highly recommend watching the news on a consistent basis, follow an online financial portal like Google Finance or utilize other web-pages that offer live press releases to the public. Press releases that you should be aware of and keep an eye on would be UK Housing Data, UK Inflation Data, UK Gross Domest Product Values, UK Interest Rates, and the value of the Usd/Chf currency pair.

Quarterly UK Earnings

Just like with all countries, the gross earnings produced by that country has a significant effect on their markets. If the gross earnings of a country are poor you can probably comprehend that the markets are lower as well and vice versa for strong gross earnings. Keeping an eye on quarterly UK earnings is a great way to predict how the FTSE 100 may react.

Trading the FTSE 100 

Following those tips will be your guidelines to profiting online with binary options, when you see that the Quarterly UK Earnings are strong and bullish then you should place a long-term CALL investment and vice versa for poor earnings. When it comes to public service announcements it takes some time get use to in order to see how certain releases make the FTSE 100 react. If the release is announcing good information then it is safe to say that the FTSE 100 price will rise and vice versa for hurtful information.

Becoming a dynamic binary options trader can make a world of a difference for you if you get bored easy with trading the same asset day after day. Following these tips are extremely effective and only slightly time consuming and it more often than not pays off in the long run! If you guys have any questions, comments or suggestions please feel free to leave them below and Mike or I will get back to as soon as possible!

Who is Jarratt Davis?

Sunday, January 11th, 2015

Sunday, January 11th, 2015 by Michael Freeman 

 On my blog I mostly cover information on binary options trading but at times I get emails and comments from online traders who are interested to find a legitimate mentorship and/or signals provider for Retail Forex Trading. Unfortunately just like with binary options, in the Forex industry you will find countless of fake offers from unverified websites with a simple concept, designed to get your trust while providing you with little to no added value. Today I will introduce Jarratt Davis, a very popular figure in the Forex Industry and the World’s 2nd Best Forex Trader on the Barclay currency traders Index between 2008-2013!

In my search to find a legitimate mentor who deals with Forex I encountered lots of fake offers and many unregulated Forex brands. As an online trader you should have no doubt that finding a reliable mentor, signals service or a broker is not as simple as hiring a plumber… We’re dealing with a great potential to create a side income or a main income from a high-risk investment and neglectfully signing up with the first offer we encounter, without doing a lot of research, is a risk you can’t afford to take.

WATCH This Important Video: Everything you need to know about Jarratt Davis!!!

I will save you guys some research today and introduce Jarratt Davis, the head of Smile Global Management, one of the few FCA regulated Forex Traders and Fund Managers. In other words, Jarratt is basically regulated in the UK and can legally manage clients funds. As I mentioned above, Jarratt Davis is a verified trader and a very successful one. It’s important to note that Jarratt is also highly endorsed on ForexPeaceArmy.com which is a leading Forex forum/help center for online traders.

DukasCopy TV filmed in Geneva, Switzerland – Interview with Jarratt Davis 

On JarrattDavis.com you can find Jarratt’s blog and information on his comprehensive mentoring program which includes videos, signals, chat and other useful features. Now, besides the strong Endorsement by ForexPeaceArmy and the Proven Performance Results, you can also find Jarratt Davis featured on many authority forums and other authority websites including Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal. Jarratt’s mentoring was created in order to help traders learn how to trade, manage risk properly and understand the concept and reasoning behind each trade unlike the average signals service.  The more you learn and the more you understand how to trade, the higher the chance you will succeed and retail Forex can yield high profits but it can also expose you to a very high risk, therefore if you are looking to trade seriously, stop wasting your time with unregulated brokers and fund managers. Trade with someone you can really trust! I strongly endorse Jarratt and I encourage everyone who is seeking to learn and trade Forex successfully to check out JarrattDavis.com.


I encourage you to share your feedback below this review if you have any experience trading with Jarratt or any questions regarding his mentoring and signals program. For more information on my recommended signals services and software for FX and Binary Options, visit my Binary Options Signals Page. Thank you for taking the time to read this review!

Binary Option Tips for Crude Oil Trading

Friday, January 9th, 2015

Friday, January 9th, 2015 by Tim Lanoue

When it comes to trading online with binary options I am often asked about trading strategies that concern currency pairs or high volume stocks. Seldom am I asked if I have any trading strategies regarding commodities and indices so of course I am short hand on those strategies so when I was asked if I had one for Crude Oil I hopelessly found myself without a Crude Oil strategy suitable for binary options. Which is why today we are going to be covering binary options tips on how to fundamentally trade Crude Oil.

For those of you who never thought about trading commodities and indices with binary options let me inform you now that you are missing out on great trading opportunities and potentially missing profits that you could have had otherwise. In order to better understand what drives the prices of oil and how we can effectively trade Crude Oil without having to open a charting solution follow the two tips below.

Follow Public Press Releases and Announcements

Paying special and close attention to public press releases will be your cornerstone for fundamentally trading Crude Oil. Following this simple tip can really pay off when it comes to trading binary options, I have won some huge investments just by following press releases. An example of a press release that we could trade would be as follows: Apple is coming out with the iPhone 7 in 36 hours and they are releasing a Press Release and holding a public announcement. Now more than likely than not the price of Apple will sky rocket and move in a bold bearish (upward) direction. So what we would do is place a few big investments with end-of-day expiry times and at the end of the day we will more than likely win our investment and profit huge. When I know a popular company, stock or commodity are holding a big press release that I know will impact in a certain direction I will place no less than 10% of my account balance per trade. This is an extremely aggressive approach and should be used with caution however more often than not it pays off greatly in the end. To follow press releases and announcements simply visit the following web-pages: http://news.yahoo.com/, https://www.google.com/finance, and http://www.state.gov/r/pa/prs/ps/.

oil trading

Know and Predict the Economic Value of Crude Oil

Statistically analyzing the value and price of Crude Oil is the last important tip that I have to offer. Following a financial portal such as Google Finance will be the backbone to this tip and will pay off largely in the end. In the picture below you see yellow boxes on our Google Finance web-page, within these yellow boxes are press releases, announcements and correlating commodities that help indicate to us the current condition of Crude Oil. In addition, if you scroll further down and look at the Sector Summaries then your ability to analyze the past performance of Crude Oil will be all available to you. This is extremely effective when predicting future trends and should be used on a daily basis.

Trading Crude Oil can be difficult at times but if you follow the tips above you should have no problem profiting largely with your investments. Make sure to keep an eye out for press releases while recording the opening and closing values of Crude Oil from previous days, this can help traders dictate the future medium-term trend of Crude Oil. If you guys have any questions, comments or suggestions please feel free to leave them below!

Binary Options DisputeZone

Thursday, December 25th, 2014

Thursday, December 25th, 2014 by Tim Lanoue


Many of us have had the unpleasant experience of being taken advantage of or scammed by an unregulated binary options broker.  With that being said many of you also probably know what it feels like to think that you are absolutely alone, maybe thinking that you have no hope in getting your hard-earned money back but I am here today to tell you I know exactly how you feel.  When I first started out in the adventurous industry that is binary options I was taken advantage of, scammed, heart-broken and completely devastated.  I put my last penny into a binary options broker hoping and dreaming of a better life for myself only to be taken advantage yet again.  It wasn’t until a few months later that I took responsibility for my own actions and took it upon myself to learn the industry and become a better trader and person.  But I am not here today to talk about myself, told I am here to talk about a 3rd party organization created by the one and only Michael Freeman known as DisputeZone.  No longer do you have to feel worried about not getting your money back or feeling alone thanks to www.DisputeZone.ORG.



DisputeZone’s Mission

The main reason why DisputeZone was created was so that traders who have been taken advantage of actually have a chance of receiving their hard-earned money back.  Due to the exponentially growing number of complaints involving binary options and Forex brokers an organization needed to rise to the test and take a stand against these binary option brokers.  The establishment of such an organization has been needed in the binary options community and now everyone has a voice in numbers that can be heard.  Thanks to DisputeZone.ORG you no longer have to feel alone and maybe, just maybe, if we all work together we can help lower the number of people who fall victim to fraud.

 Get ready for some Texas Justice by Michael Freeman ;)



DisputeZone’s Claims and Support

All claims and meditation services required on DisputeZone are completely free during the BETA phase for all claims that fall under $1,000.  This is subject to change and in order to place a claim with DisputeZone you must make atleast a $25 minimum donation to one or more of the following charities that follows:

syrianorphans.orgalittle4alot.com, worldwidecancerresearch.org/donate, & support.woundedwarriorproject.org.

Once a donation has been made please forward to receipt to support@disputezone.org and then submit your complaint.  You can contact DisputeZone support staff by submitting a complaint form and within 24 hours you should hear back from them, after DisputeZone’s BETA phase Premium support will be made available.  Not only are we are making a difference for those of us who have fallen victim but also for thousands of others all around the world.

Thanks to www.disputezone.org you no longer have to feel alone and cheated.  If we all work together and empower this organization there is no reason why we shouldn’t be able to get back what we have lost.  Let’s take a stand for what we have lost and make a difference so less people can fall victim to fraud within the binary options and Forex community.  Thanks for taking time out of your busy day and I hope to see you guys on the inside.

Managing Your Binary Options Account

Friday, December 19th, 2014

Friday, December 19th, 2014 by Michael Freeman 

Perhaps one of the least mentioned areas when it comes to trading online with binary options would be proper account management and risk prevention. Some of you wouldn’t believe the number of emails I receive on a weekly basis concerning trading strategies and broker reviews but hardly do I ever receive emails concerning proper management techniques with binary options. Today we are going to focus on a little risk prevention and talk about the two styles account management that should be applied when trading online with binary options.

Passive Binary Options Account Management

Passive account management is the best style of account managing when you are just making your first splash in the binary options industry. Passive binary options account management is also great if you are a strategy guru and like to test new trading strategies, with passive account management you only invest a maximum of 5% of your capital per trade and a maximum of 15% all at one time. Meaning that you can invest a max of 3 trades all consisting of 5% of your capital with a maximum of 15% total all at one time. No more trades can be placed until one of your other trades expire first, remember, this is the passive and most reliable style of account managing. Many novice traders join the industry thinking that it is going to be a cake walk and they are going to make hundreds if not thousands per week but little do they know this industry is one of the most difficult trading industries to be successful in.

account management

Aggressive Binary Options Account Management

Aggressive account management is a form of management that I strongly feel like should only be applied by experienced traders. Aggressive binary options account management is simply doubling the values we use with Passive account management. Meaning that you can only invest a maximum of 10% of your capital per trade with a maximum limit of 30% invested at any given moment. If more than 30% of your funds are out at any given moment I would classify that as overtrading and that should never happen, overtrading is a trader’s worst nightmare. Although this style of account management is not recommended by most I tend to solely use this management style and have seen nothing but amazing, big profit results.

When it comes to trading online with binary options it pays off in the long run to properly manage your trading account. Statically if I would have to guess 6 out of every 10 trades blow through atleast two broker accounts before changing their risk management techniques along with game plan. Before investing with any binary options broker, ask yourself, “What style of account managing should I utilize and what three trading strategies should I be using in order to harvest the maximum and best trading signals?” Keep in mind that binary options is a lot like a marathon, not a sprint. Take your time and constantly stay hungry for learning new breakthroughs that could help your ability to profit more with online trading. If you have any questions or comments regarding this article please feel free to leave them below and I will get back to you as soon as possible!

Learn more about my Recommended Binary Options Signals including my own Manual Signals Group which enables you to follow my trades via email and text.  If you are interested in Auto Trading: visit Mike’s Auto Trader.