NEO2 Review by Michael Freeman

Tuesday, April 26th, 2016

If you’ve been wondering why I didn’t post videos or new reviews for a while, NEO2 or NEO² (Squared) is the reason, as it literally consumed my schedule! For months since I got together with Dr. Jack Piers, PhD. and Amit Gupta, the absolute best programmer I met in my life, I literally placed everything that is not associated with the development of on hold. First if you are not familiar with me, my name is Michael Freeman, I am real vs the actors you might have seen on Auto-trading scam sites. Unfortunately we’ve seen many of those, and even if the service is not a fraud, based on all the feedback I’ve been getting for years, most day-traders end up disappointed for the most part.

For over 4 yeahs I’ve been posting trading strategy videos and industry updates on YouTube, and I gained a lot of authority but also many valuable contacts. I have many followers on YouTube and a Free Facebook signals group, the largest in the industry. I know everything about Auto-Traders and the technology that’s behind it, unfortunately I also know a lot about the scam services that are marketed and advertised literally everywhere. You can find reviews exposing most of these counterfeit sites, on my Blacklisted scam sites page.

It’s possible that I got more credit than I should, in reference to the NEO2 development. If it wasn’t for Dr. Jack Piers, PhD. and his extensive knowledge in Solar Activities, Weather Forecasting and it’s impact on Commodities, this project would’ve not been so successful. Using Technical Analysis alone, not me or anyone I know, managed to maintain a winning performance with an Auto-Pilot software and consistently. It’s nothing new that humans can predict the impact of Solar Activities and Weather on so many things, including Commodities! Taking this data, as it streams live from Weather Forecasting Satellites and using it to spot solid trends, is nothing that was ever done or seen before. Those who are not familiar with binary options should know that Commodities are assets that are traded on literally all binary options broker platforms in the industry.

The idea we had in mind was to take an actual Solar Tracker and sync it with an auto-trading system, but the programming was beyond me, this is when Jack Piers thought of letting Amit Gupta in on this. Initially I thought we were going to fail at reducing the software speed, but with the help of Amit Gupta we figured it out and ensured that can process data within milliseconds, while keeping the user interface very simple, user-friendly and easy to use for anyone, irregardless of your experience with day-trading, which brings me to the software features. It’s very simple to use and has 3 key components to it as demonstrated by Amit Gupta on The Solar Tracker, Trade-Algo Button and Auto-Pilot activation mode. First you must activate the Solar Tracker and Trade-Algo with two clicks, and after the lights are on, go ahead and activate the Auto Trader and you’re all set.

The NEO2 Software Interface Review – Simple and Easy to Operate!


I am pretty sure that the first question you might have is, if NEO Squared is free or if we’re charging money for it? The idea we have is to launch NEO2 aka NEO² Squared on For those who are not familiar with this website, it’s the world’s leading platform for new innovations, and web-based businesses for the most part! We have no doubt that we’re going to receive amazing recognition with the help of Kick Starter but as soon NEO2 makes it there, we’re charging a yearly fee of $7,900 but please don’t get into shock mode. There’s no possible way for us to charge this amount of money from traders before all the live testimonials will surface and help us secure this mission. The consistency of NEO2 has already been confirmed by many investors including, William Van Loon NEO2 CFO, who’s also in charge of making sure that this project qualifies for Kick Starter. All of us are partners in this, I personally invested thousands of dollars into NEO2. Since everyone who is currently testing the software is not disappointed, and we’re able to maintain a performance over 80% ITM every day, not on lucky days or during a Friday’s NFP session, we believe that the price is more than reasonable.

If you don’t have $7,900 to invest in order to gain access to NEO2, you can register before we launch it on Kick Starter and I personally guarantee that we won’t charge you a dollar. We worked really hard to develop NEO2 and I am sure that everyone in the industry will appreciate it, we’re hoping for many positive reviews and I am pretty sure that we’ll see plenty. I am going to give you my word, you will not be disappointed and you are much better off giving a true innovation a chance, rather than test a bunch of scam services that fail to deliver. I wish I could stay modest about this, all I can tell you is that you’ll be amazed!


This NEO2 Review cannot be unbiased as I am one of the creators, but if I wasn’t confident, I would never risk my reputation by creating a service that is bound to fail day-traders, I decided to offer help with service related questions, but you can also contact the support directly. My email is and I am available to take any questions, feedback and suggestions.

Visit NEO² Squared exclusively at

I am really excited knowing that we finally got it right! I will also post a quick video introduction to my YouTube followers, and by the way, make sure to subscribe! I am anxiously looking forward to get some feedback, you can also comment below this review and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Cheers to a lot of success! Michael Freeman

BinaDroid app by Troy Everett; Honest Scam Review!

Sunday, March 20th, 2016

The new BinaDroid 2 app by Troy Everett is a binary options trading robot you are probably hearing a lot about lately. In this review I would like to share some information about it. Since Jacob Jones, who is one of my employees, helped to produce the software, I will also say a few words about Jacob and finally, I will provide an update regarding my signals group and how can help you use the signals provided in my group.

As some of you already know, Jacob Jones has been helping me with my emails. I get hundreds of emails every day and with all the work I have, I barely have time to attend to my emails. Sometimes people wonder why a different person is answering them when they contact me. A few think I don’t even exist. There is even a theory that I am Jacob Jones. So once and for all, let me set things straight: I am NOT Jacob, and as you can see on my YouTube channel, I am a real person, just a very busy person, hence I hired Jacob to help.

Mike’s YouTube Channel – Biggest in the Industry! Subscribe! 🙂

Now, the story of how BinaDroid 2 was born is quite interesting. Jacob met Troy Everett a few years ago, before he became a binary options trader. Troy developed a killer trading strategy, which is used in many trading houses to this day. Unfortunately, he didn’t get the credit he deserved so he left his company. Jacob suggested that he use his strategy in binary options and hooked him up with one of the companies that develop binary options trading software. This is how BinaDroid came to exist.

BinaDroid turned out to be a really great software. First of all, the fact that it’s available everywhere, in every country. I know that many people from India, Africa and others countries, were not able to join my AutoTrader and my other recommended signal services. With BinaDroid, you won’t have any issues regardless of where you are from. Also, the brokers available with the software are fantastic. BinaryTilt is regulated in Australia and New Zealand, traders in Europe can choose to go with Banc De Binary or OptionFM, both are EU-regulated. If you’re in South America, Empire Option would be a great choice since they are regulated there. Cherry Trade is one of my favorite brokers and they are also available. US traders can go with BinaryBook, which is one of the last off-shore brokers that offer access for Americans. And Big Option is another recommended broker available worldwide.

Unlike most other trading systems, BinaDroid has a highly helpful and responsive support team, which can be reached 24/7 by emailing: Finally, I will mention the fact that with BinaDroid you can trade 1, 3 and 5-minute trades on complete autopilot and the minimum trade is $5, unlike other systems, where it’s $25. I certainly encourage you to check out and give it a try if you would like to automate your trading.

Regarding my signals group on Facebook, we are growing really fast! We currently have more than 5,300 members, many of them are active traders who are making money by trading our signals. Our signal providers have an amazing all-time success rate of 79-81% ITM! We also have a new admin, which was added last week, John Mukunju. John has been providing us with signals for many months now and was picked by the group members themselves to be added as an admin. By following our signals, webinars and one-on-one training sessions, you can be certain you will see profits!

BinaDroid 2 is a Winning Software, it’s legitimate and profitable!

Like my Review? Visit the website:

Paul’s 4 winning trades in a row with BinaDroid captured live on YouTube

Just so you have some background. is the biggest scam-exposing site in the industry based on For more information read the following recommendation on BOWD – BinaDroid Review by Watchdog!

Since some of the signals provided in my group are turbo trades (short-term trades, 5 minutes or less) and due to the fact that it can be quite tricky to place such trades manually, I would definitely suggest considering to use the BinaDroid, which also has a semi-automated feature. This allows you to easily and effortlessly place 1, 3 or 5 minute trades according to the turbo signals provided by our admins.

List of Binary options Scam Sites – the official Blacklist!

In case you have any questions, comments or feedback related to the software by Troy Everett, please share your comment below this review or email me directly at and I’ll be glad to assist you further. Thank you for reading my BinaDroid review!

Copy Buffett Progress Review! (Results)

Thursday, February 18th, 2016

Hey Everyone, It’s Michael Freeman and this is a follow-up to my previous review on the Copy Buffett Software. I decided that instead of focusing on my own experience that it would be interesting to share some of the progress and results by other members of I chose one of my friends from Bulgaria who trades for 2 years and has been part of my Facebook Signals Group for over a year, Ventsislav Velev owner of His YouTube channel is growing and about a week ago he decided to take on the 30 days free trial with Copy Buffett and share his live results. Keep trying.. I am getting close to 20,000 subscribers. 😛

It’s fascinating to see how Jeremy Fin is getting a tremendous number of positive reviews for his great innovation and I am personally not surprised but it’s not often that you see such a clear consensus. Every forum or blog that has any reputation seems to be endorsing Copy Buffett and after seeing the consistent performance for my own eyes, I feel confident to recommend to anyone who is after a reliable automated software for binary options. Checkout Ventsislav’s first video for a taste of what’s this software is about:

It’s important to remind potential members that you can use the fully automated feature or take manual trades but you can also adjust the risk exposure and most members including myself would agree with the following tips. You can set the safety on maximum but you will not receive many daily trades, so around 80% is ideal and will get you a sufficient ITM performance of approximately 79%-84% on average.

Optimal Copy Buffett Software Setting Review

Knowing how to adjust the Copy Buffett with a few clicks, can actually save you from the possibility of losing money, especially if you set your trades on high amounts. In general I would recommend starting with $25 on each trade and as the days pass and as you build your capital up, you can start increasing the trade amount up to $100. I wouldn’t go any further, especially if you’re using the Auto-Pilot Feature just in case, because the software can generate a large number of trades and if anything drastic happens with the markets, which the software might not pick up on in time, can result in potential losses. Luckily none of the folks who are testing the Copy Buffett and carefully reviewing it reported any losses and on Google you will find 100% great ratings, just keep in mind that nothing is perfect. I read one review on Copy Buffett that gave it 5 starts but also mentioned that it’s possible to get over 95% ITM, so this is false and don’t buy into any of the fake promises, Jeremy Fin himself never promised such a high winning rate. Luckily even if on a slow day you will generate 76-78% ITM, it will still translate into profits!

3rd Copy Buffett Review and Results by Ventsislav

In the last two weeks I’ve been receiving many questions relating to and I noticed high popularity in the Australia, US, Canada, UK and Germany. To remind those who didn’t read my initial review on the Copy Buffett software, if you are trading from India or Central Africa, you will not be able to access the software unless you’re using a Proxy (different IP), which I wouldn’t recommend unless you are computer savvy and have access to a fast VPS. Instead of trying to figure out how to get in or for risky loopholes, check-out Mike’s Binary Options Signals for alternatives because other services might be available in your country.


I also have an update for US residents who are interested to join my private Facebook Signals Group, we’re now working with and you can join them with a $100 minimum and never pay any membership fees. The signals are sent manually but we have powerful admins who will educate you and send you accurate trades on a daily basis. My group is receiving great reviews and endorsed on many authority websites in the industry, however you should consider that at this point we are unable to offer full automation such as with Copy Buffett or similar services. Please share your feedback if you have any questions or results to share! Thank you for reading my follow-up review and I want to thank Ventsislav Velev for allowing me to share his progress with my blog followers.

For more information visit

Visit Watchdog’s Copy Buffett Reviews for community feedback

I want to invite you to also contact me at directly at

If you have any questions for Ventsislav, he is available at

Copy Buffett Review

Friday, February 12th, 2016

The new Copy Buffett Software is gaining extraordinary momentum online and in this review I will be providing you with some facts you should consider. Many scam sites are launches almost daily right now and they all seem to offer the following: Shady Bonuses with account restrictions, testimonial actors, annoying stories about people who don’t exist, “limited licenses left” and all the BS  we are honestly sick and tired of seeing! Is the is that same category of scam services? The answer is no, and I’ll explain exactly why I decided to trust Jeremy Fin versus all the crooks who are selling you all dreams and promising miracles.

As a software developer myself, I know how hard it is to create an auto-trader that can consistently generate winning trades and the stakes are high since a lot of money is at risk. Let’s start with the simple fact that Copy Buffett passed the “deception test”, as Jeremy Fin is not interested to sync you with a broker and forget about you. When a software can really money money for members, at some point you will be required to pay since money obviously doesn’t grow on trees, it certainly doesn’t grow freely on the Internet. After the initial testing phase of 30 days, in which you will be granted free access to the Copy Buffett Software they will give you an option to continue in exchange for 5% of your ‘return of investment’, while you get to keep 95% therefore the more members Jeremy is able to recruit, the more money he will make, sort of like a pyramid but it’s not a ‘pyramid scheme’ as he is being honest about it so the goal here is not to rip you off like some of the “Free scams” do and the goal is to make sure you decide to stay after the trial period. This is a ‘proof before commitment’ type deal, without all the typical false promises.

I don’t have my own experience to share as this moment but I’ve been going through many reviews, and each review pointed to the same conclusion, they all agree that Copy Buffett is a successful software which is why I decided to create an account myself. Just by looking at the software I can tell that it’s not another semi-auto trader or a replica of an older scam, I am also very happy with the first few trades and they keep coming as I am writing this review. Most binary options systems can only generate between 5-20 signals on a daily basis while the Copy Buffett is designed for short-term trading, and it triggers a large number of daily traders, one review I read reported up to 500 daily signals and this is also what Jeremy Fin guaranteed in the video. It’s not going to take very long to determine if Copy Buffett it a scam or if it’s legit but with over 78% ITM and a few pending trades that are looking very solid, I am very excited and will definitely post a follow-up review if I continue to receive accurate trading signals. It’s Friday now so I am probably going to post the next review after the weekend, but I certainly encourage you to check it out and give it a chance if you’re looking for a serious way to trade on 100% full auto-pilot.

You can find many positive reviews on the software, for example:

BOWatchdog – Copy Buffett Testing

EasyTradingSignals – Copy Buffett Explained

BOspot – Is Copy Buffett a SCAM?

To sum up my Copy Buffett review, I also checked with support and it turns out that is available literally in almost any country you can think of and I know that I have subscribers from all over the world but unfortunately they are not available in many Central African countries and this is mainly due to the fact that most brokers restrict traders from those countries. If you are not sure if you qualify to join the Copy Buffett Software, enter your details in the quick registration form and they will let you know right away. The support is also very quick, offers LIVE Chat and also between members, so once you’re  in you can chat with anyone who is currently logged into the software, it’s pretty cool and I am really loving the performance so far.

If you have any questions, comments or feedback related to the Copy Buffett software by  Jeremy Fin, leave your post below this review or email me at Thank you for reading my Copy Buffett review!

Is Tauribot a SCAM?! Mike’s Review!

Monday, February 1st, 2016

In the last few days I received many questions concerning Tauribot ™, day-traders are wondering if it’s another scam or if it’s worth trying and today it’s time to post a review. The domain is hosted on and similar to many Auto Traders, looks very promising but the main question is if you can really trust it?

My goal is to provide readers with an unbiased review so I will not praise it as being the number one software before I actually test it for a long enough period of time, on the other hand I won’t label it as a scam without trying it because this would not be fair as well. Up until now, I received feedback from 3 trusted friends who synced their trading accounts with the Tauribot Software by Dr. Steven Archer PHD, all making claims that Tauribot is not a scam and urging me to give it a try. I am usually a big skeptic and most of the trading systems land on my scams list, however in this case, it seems like the claims are backed by evidence. The Tauribot seems to deliver a high enough trading performance to generate profits for members.


92% ITM performance by Tauribot; Can it be?

One of the issues with their advertising is that Dr. Archer states that Tauribot can deliver 92% while real members are actually reporting a performance somewhere in the 80%+-86% on average, don’t get me wrong though because it’s still enough to generate profits with binary options, but I don’t like how they advertise a very high, unrealistic long-term performance. Either way I think we can forgive them as they are competing with many scam services and they got to stand out some how. The bottom line is that won’t drain your trading account, and this is the key issue with most of the auto traders in the market. Not only that they usually advertise an imaginary performance, in some cases they can’t even deliver half of it and I end up blacklisting them.

Avoid the following brokers & services:

Mike’s List of Binary Options Scam Sites!

If there’s one thing I love about US Universities is the talents and how professors are always motivating and actively inspiring their students to think and create new innovations and the Tauribot aka Tauri Equation is just another example of it, and Dr. Steven Archer deserves a lot of credit for his great work and facilitation of this amazing project. It’s also comforting for day-traders to know that the are working with an App that was developed by Academic folks and not by business sharks who are out there to get your money, salute to Chicago University.

“Study of Automated Trading Algorithms” Abstract.


Tauribot Review Conclusion: 

I am always optimistic and I know that Tauribot is not a scam, the question is if it will continue to deliver a high performance, at least 80% ITM, for the long-run and over a long period of time and if this is the case, I will stand fully behind it and recommend it to all day-traders. In reality even if you get a performance in the higher 70’s you will still profit from binary trades but the higher the better, and right now the way things are looking, Tauribot may become one of the leading systems in the market.

Real Testimonial by Kurt Schneider  (no or Stock Photos)

Besides the, I also want to mention Ian Tauraski in this review, since he is the real talent behind this venture and without him it would’ve probably never happened and gained such an amazing reputation. Already have an experience with the Tauribot? Please share your thoughts, questions and results below this review and thank you for taking a few moments to read. You may also contact me at:

Mike’s Top Signals for Binary Options

Share your Tauribot Reviews with the community

Mike’s Citidel LTD Investment APP Review

Friday, January 22nd, 2016

Hey traders, It’s Michael Freeman and today I wanted to review a new auto trading software called the Citidel LTD Investment APP. It’s important to know right away that this is NOT a scam and I am certain that this will become the most popular auto trader of 2016. After testing this software for a number of months and making a substantial amount of money I have decided that it was time for me to speak up about the app everyone’s talking about. Something that really excited me about this app was it is available for US traders, yes, finally something for you guys! I always encourage you to do your own research, however as I am sure you will find out there are many positive reviews on google proving the success of the APP for day-traders.

The software was created by a man named Dr. Kent Grifly. The app was reported to have 350 other investors to ensure that it was perfect before launch. Just before I signed up I did a lot of research and had come across some interesting facts. I had discovered that Dr Kent Grifly’s experience in finance is fairly extensive and starts way back in 1983. His new-found career in finance began when he was Chief Investment Strategist and Chairman at Citidel LLC. This was a company that has grown and grown over time, Griffly explains the full details of this really well on so please check it out. The website has lots of strong testimonials and I could not find a single paid actor, everything felt really legitimate. With Grifly having such a firm and long career in the financial sector and with all the great feedback I was getting I thought it would be great to give it a try and boy I was glad I did!


Citidel LTD Investment revealed that they had profits of over $986M in 2015 alone, which just proves that a cash rich company such as this one must only be producing the very best software in the financial markets. The app itself has been providing profits of over $144,000 per month over the period of 5 years. Besides the outstanding 84%+ ITM rate of this app you also get something special which you would never get with binary options scams. You will gain access to a brilliant webinar on financial trading and a pass for live talks that Dr. Grifly makes around the globe. These things alone are valued at around $399 and you’re getting a free auto trading solution too!

The Citidel LTD Investment app uses a complex set of algorithms to minimize risk and places its trades on a number of very important key factors. However the basis of the trading system is to trade during high volatility, ensuring clear frequent wins, the best possible entries and most importantly the removal of human emotions. Something that was really refreshing was the brilliant 24/7 email support that I received on I didn’t have any problems with setting up the because it was so simple. Instead I decided to ask some questions about the system, I was amazed how quickly these guys emailed me back with all the answers.

All you really need to get started with this software is PC, tablet or phone with any type of web browser and after a few taps or clicks you can have the auto trader running. It really is as simple as that. The interface has been designed so that even complete Binary Options newbies can take advantage of the Citidel LTD Investment App. Having experienced the app myself I can tell you that the above points are all true, it really is as simple as clicking a mouse. Citidel LTD Investment app works seamlessly with your broker account and takes the trades automatically for you, meaning you can also earn huge profits on complete autopilot.

Mike’s Binary Options Blacklist

I think the conclusion speaks for itself, however let me break it down in simple terms. Citidel LTD has received a huge amount of publicity and is it any wonder? With these kinds of results and such a simple system I am giving this a massive thumbs up! If you have any feedback, share your feedback below this review.

Winter’s Top 5 Scams Competition 2016!

Friday, January 15th, 2016

Hey Everyone, It’s Michael Freeman and this review is slightly different… Today I’m “proud” to announce the top 5 binary options scam sites that went viral in the winter of 2016. As always, the offers are absurd, lame, misleading and 100% bogus.

The Aussie Method – The Big Winner!

Let’s start with the Aussie Method, which certainly deserves the 1st place! It’s a quadruple scheme with 3 other “franchises” aka Saffa Method, Brit Method and Canuck Method, all sites with the same theme. They figured if they managed to fool a bunch of Australians, why not target other parts of the globe? Luckily they’ve been exposed but for some reason this offer is still super viral and ranked like crazy on

Million Dollar Months – A Seasonal Scam!

The amazing  CEO “Brad Davis”, who made close to $40,000,000, is a actor. Is it a coincidence or lately a bunch of stock photo actors became binary options app creators? It’s certainly strange and the Million Dollar Months is definitely one of the most popular scams right now and since many members are complaining about the poor results, I decided to rank it 2nd, congratulations to the Million Dollar Months scam!

Simple Profits – Simply Fake!

The Simple Profits scam is now widely reviewed all over the internet, some sites gave it positive reviews even though all the news stories are 100% fake as exposed on and many other sites. This is a clever scam, I have a feeling that they named it “Simple Profits” to avoid negative reviews from reaching the first page on Google but as always, the truth goes viral and their plan failed.

Star Wars Binary Bot – WTH?

You got to read the review to really understand how ridiculous the Star Wars Binary Bot scam is, or actually watch the video. It doesn’t get more hilarious. This crazy site, unlike the other ones, didn’t hit the masses but I am pretty sure that a few Star Wars fans decided to give it a green light, statistically I guess it’s possible…

Secret To Success – Not by Oprah!

The is another worthless scam, solicited mainly by email marketers since if you ‘Google’ this offer, you will find terrible reviews. I find it strange that day-traders are still falling for this one even though all the warnings and red flags are there. The fake CEO, Timothy Galvaki is also a actor vs a self-make billionaire so don’t expect much if you decide to join this bogus version of ‘The Secret’.


Dedication Song to all the Binary Options Scams

Mike’s Binary Options BlackList

The above 5 are just the ‘tip of the iceberg’ when it comes to shady binary options offers and you have to always do a careful research before you join any signals provider. If it looks “fishy” or too good to be true, let it go and move on. Don’t waste $250 to test something that makes no sense. Some brokers and services have a good reputation, but for the most part, the industry is flooded with scams. Stay safe and as always if you have any questions, I am available at Thanks for checking out my Winter of 2016’s top scam winners!

Virtnext Performance Review

Friday, November 20th, 2015

Hey online traders, It’s Michael Freeman and I am back to post a updated review on the Virtnext ITM performance results. I started testing the software a while back and I am sure that many members and blogs will agree that over-all it’s a legitimate auto-trading system. The question is, how far will it really get you? Do you really want to be spoon-fed forever by an automated service vs becoming a self-made binary options trader? Based on the number of emails I get it’s clear to me that the demand if for automated solutions, many folks can’t be online all the time like me and they have an actual life.

Virtnext – Mike’s Account Balance 850EUR


Today I have evidence to indicate that is profitable, however I also want you to open your mind to the argument that I am trying to convey. I strongly believe that with the help of a good trading community, even if the signals are delivered manually via Facebook or in whichever form that is not 100% automated, you can potentially benefit a lot more and keep in mind that with Virtnext and other At’s you can’t set trades above a certain max, there’s no option to set $1000 trades, so for a trader like Afzal (an admin in our group), who delivered over 80% ITM, many times nails an entire NFP session, there is a bigger potential to profit since as a knowledgable trader. Don’t believe me? Watch the live webinar in which he nailed 10 ITM signals in a row! -hosted on YouTube.

Virtnext – Mike’s Account Balance 1,113EUR


Every member who attends Snir and Afzal’s webinar sessions ends up winning. Of course, you got to follow the rules and be cautious but during this process you can learn a lot and eventually become the type of trader who is not dependent on the help of an automated system, which is limited anyway in terms of the max trade amount, usually up to $250 max per trade. The most you can make in a single day with Virtnext is around $900-$1200 and assuming you are lucky, you should be averaging  around $150-$350/max daily, do not expect more.

Another VirtNext Performance Update on YouTube

VirtNext Updates posted on other blogs:

Is a scam? 

Detailed Review on VirtNext

Now let’s do the math, on the average NFP session, considering you are not limited to a max trade amount, you can make thousands of dollars in a single day! Of course, most people are lazy and won’t bother to watch the webinars in action, attend them or join a manual signals service and it’s very unfortunate. Just a week ago I gave my admins a raise because they are doing so fantastic, we’re a growing community. We might not be but we are the best Facebook group and community around. Every day we host sessions, occasionally webinars and it’s a great platform by which we exchange ideas and help each other become better and spot good trading opportunities.

Join Mike’s Facebook Signals Group

My conclusion is very simple, there is a very good reason why Virtnext is endorsed by so many authority blogs and I think that it certainly meets the needs of ‘how’ traders want their signals. Keep in mind that on the long-run you will have a lot more pride in doing it yourself, if you do choose to go with or with any autotrader that does deliver good results, you should try to learn from their strategies and not follow the signals blindly.

Is VirtNext a scam? Honest Review

Wednesday, November 11th, 2015

Hi Traders, It’s Michael Freeman and today many of you emailed me asking for a VirtNext Review, so is the software just a scam or is it real? You must pay attention to the facts I must relate to you concerning Before I continue, you should know that I am not affiliated with VirtNext and no links to their site will be posted from this review. You can do your own research and reach a conclusion. I much rather that you join our Facebook signals group as it’s a great community, but I can’t deny the performance results generated by VirtNext.

Soon after comparing my own Auto Trader,, side-by-side with I came to a conclusion that their software is better and more accurate at this point. It doesn’t come with free access to a great community, as members do with MAT, but as a ‘standalone’ automated trading service it works very well. At least based on the last weeks of testing. It certainly gave me a reality check and now I am exploring ways on how I can improve. I still believe that even though VirtNext App is better than MAT and most services in general, our Facebook group is superior to any autotrader in the market, I rather give my traders a “phishing pole” instead of throwing fish at them. Taking part of a community of traders is powerful, it’s not all about the money, you will be proud to be an educated trader.

Right now I am learning from VirtNext App a lot! This week I plan to post live trades from my account, it’s a responsibility to let people know that there is a legitimate auto-trader out there that can generate a very accurate ITM performance. Furthermore, I plan to take example from the signals and if possible, re-distribute them some how to my FB community. I will check into this matter as it can certainly benefit my group.

It may come across as if I’m jealous, but it’s not the case at all. I admire the software and if anyone wants to join, be my guest. Let me add the following though, the way they structured the website is very similar to the typical pitch page schemes. In a way I can understand them, they are competing with 90% scam services in the industry. If the offer wasn’t designed well, I bet that no one would pay attention to it. Actions speak louder than words which is why I encourage you to stay tuned for my next review on YouTube, I plan to upload real live results and I will upload at least 5 trading sessions, not just one lucky one.

In order to remain unbiased I decided not to be an affiliate of the VirtNext software, which again is the reason why you won’t find any direct links leading to their site from this review. This is your choice to make, just keep in mind that there’s a lot more pride in knowing how to trade. I don’t care how good the software is, for me the real fun is in the education that comes along with being part of a great binary options community, such as the one we established.

If you are a member of Virt Next or my FB group, you are welcome to post your feedback below. Let me know what you think. Report your results and testimonials. Remember to stay tuned for my next videos, irregardless if I continue to win the trading sessions, I will post the results so hopefully will not fail me. There is a place for scam services, and it’s not a place they would like to be listed on – my Binary Options Blacklist!

I want to thank you for taking a few moments to read my review on Good luck to everyone with your trades and let’s have a great week full of winning trades. If you have any questions related to binary options, you are welcome to email me directly at Cheers! Michael Freeman

Binary Option Robot is a SCAM!

Wednesday, November 4th, 2015

Today my goal is to expose the Binary Option Robot SCAM, hoping to balance out fake review sites that are endorsing this misleading service! In fact, there are two services, one is and the other scam is the and I have feedback from actual members with evidence, indicating that both binary options signals providers are worthless.  Forget about all the grammar issues with the second version of the Binary Option Robot, let’s get straight to some of the feedback, and real snapshots that marketers are hiding from you. Let’s start with the

Evidence of poor ITM performance!


Paul Kiddle, an ex-member of the service sent me an email and a snapshot from his account, he gave up fairly quick. “Hi Michael, I tried BinaryOptionRobot for a while, it made a small profit for the first couple of weeks but after that it started losing; I’ve attached a screenshot of the last trades before I deactivated it. There are 50 results per page this page has just 19 out of 50 ITM. These trades are made by supposed “Expert Traders”!”

Another member of the scam who fell for the first review he saw, endorsing this bogus service, posted the following comment on my blacklist page, Theo Beelien “I test binary option robot from 13 august now with €1 trades. It’s break even, so in fact a worthless product.”

Before we move on to the other scam,, here is another snapshot I got from Chukwujekwu Eloka, another member who was extremely disappointed with the terrible, below 50% average performance. I really don’t understand why this service is so viral when it’s highly misleading at the least, and most likely just another scam. They also work with GOptions, a fraud broker you can look up on Google and you won’t like what you find!

BinaryoptionRobot account snapshot #2 by Chukwujekwu Eloka


 On some blogs which you may trust, including, and a few others you may find positive reviews for this system, however you should know that they are getting paid to promote it, knowing that traders are bound to fail when they join the, promising and viral,!

Let’s address the next SCAM, the twin site

In case you have any doubts, you shouldn’t trust this website and not because of all the spelling mistakes, mainly due to the poor performance and yet again, this is a service I get many complaints about from members and it’s time I expose both scams, especially now that there is such a big HYPE. You won’t believe now many people are asking me about BinaryoptionRobot and Binary-Option-Robot and from this moment, I’ll just point them to this review. Hopefully I will get some additional feedback from more members who will come forward and report their ITM.

Evidence that is a SCAM:

(provided to me by Freeman Avitor, a good friend who tested this software)


The also offers an automated trading feature, a faster way to lose your money, as you can clearly see based on the reported performance. Both services BinaryoptionRobot and Binary-Option-Robot are scam services that you should avoid, as well as and any blog or email marketer who promotes this junk!

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Please share your feedback, experiences and opinions below and thank you for reading my BinaryoptionRobot Review, if you have any questions concerning any services or binary options brokers you may also email me directly at Cheers to success! Michael Freeman