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In the last couple of days I spent some time interacting with the platform in an attempt to get a better understanding of ‘how reliable’ and what kind of a company stands behind the new brand. I am sure that if you just found this post on Google, you are asking yourself the same questions. Platform and Features

Binary International is a nice looking website with all the features you would expect to find on a binary options platform, which include the 60 Seconds Feature, One Touch and Boundary Trading. The Asset List is very minimum so if you are a Stock Options fan, you should know that Binary International offers a total of 30 assets and a 8 stock options! In Terms of Currency Pairs, they have almost all currencies listed. Deposits and Withdrawals 

Minimum deposit is $250 which is standard, most brokers will require between $200-$250 and obviously depositing is always the easiest part! The withdrawal policy of a binary options broker is a lot more important and must be carefully reviewed before proceeding with the initial investment. It turns out that Binary International has a very strict withdrawal policy with a $250 minimum requirement for a withdrawal, $10 Fee for withdrawals under $500.

Based on the Legal section of Binary International withdrawals might take between 8-10 days. 3 business days to process the request and 5-7 days for the funds to show up the client’s account. If traders withdraw the funds before generating 5 trades or agreed to use any of the free software and tools offered by Binary Internatioanl, they will add an additional $50 charge will be added to the withdrawal request.

In some cases companies are now providing traders with same-day withdrawals such as with GOptions withdrawal policy.


binaryinternational-pic is not a recommended broker and not because of the asset list or due to the horrible withdrawal policy, but mainly because of the failure to operate within the boundaries of the law and industry standard having no CySEC regulations. If you are trading binary options in the US I recommend checking out the list of US Recommended Brokers and for NON-US Traders I recommend going with a fully EU regulated broker such as OptionFair or Topoption. Thank you for reading my review on Binary International. If you have any questions, comments or feedback please share your thoughts below or email me at

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  1. Jawad Says:

    I have taken a look at power option
    I used demo and liked the platform
    Something that caught me is that u can close trades even short trades of 10 or 15 mins if ot goes against us but i have no clue if they r regulated or not please give us a eview about power option broker detailed one as here

  2. Michael Freeman Says:

    Hi Jawad, PowerOption is regulated, they operate under AVATrade which is a fully regulated Forex Brand. I don’t like some of the features and small asset list, they also have a very low maximum trade amount. They are a safe broker though and they offer a demo. Checkout my PowerOption Review.

  3. Kyle Sozah Says:


    Kyle here from Binary International and I think you have the wrong brokerage review for us. This part must be from another site.

    1. We have same day withdrawals
    2. Fee is $10 back on card
    3. Where did you get the whole 1 week stuff and 17 days..I can’t even find that on our site. It is not our policy, but maybe from another site.

  4. Michael Freeman Says:

    Hello Kyle, I found this information on on an article by Michael Hodges I believe it was. It was titled “ Is One Broker To Be Wary Of” Is he just hating on you guys? I am not sure where he got this information but in most cases they provide with unbiased articles but if the information is false, I will make sure to correct it. On your ‘Legal’ section, I found the following information regarding withdrawals “Once a withdrawal request is submitted it can take Binary International up to 3 business days to process the request. Once the request has been approved please allow an additional 5-7 days for the funds to show in your account.” which obviously contradicts the information on but you said you guys offer same-day withdrawals for approved traders, yet it’s not written on your ‘Legal’ section..can you truly guarantee the same-day withdrawal? 2nd question: Are you guys planning to become regulated under CySEC in the near future?

  5. Kyle Says: idea where that paragraph came from on his site, it isn’t on our site anywhere. Sounds like an affiliate hating on a broker he isn’t an affiliate of and just starting stuff.

    We add the 3 days since accounting works Monday through Friday. So just in case someone puts a request in Friday night and we process it Monday.

    The 5-7 days is outside of our control. Credit card processors around the world take up different times to put a refund back. We are seeing 3 day refunds mostly but like to build an an extra day or two just in case.

    If a client has his KYC documents in the withdrawal is processed immediately. That is standard at all brokers.

    We want to take US clients so we cannot be regulated and do that. Even when you apply for regulation you have to drop US clients. That is the only reason we aren’t going regulated.

  6. john Says:

    I have an account there with binary international. I deposited 500 and they were able to withdraw my money back in 2 days! Therefore its not really a scam so its legitimate. Thats my experience. I have not trade on their platform but they platform is really different than other broker.

  7. Michael Freeman Says:

    Hi John, I am not sure if I understood your comment. You mentioned “I have not traded on their platform”, so did you deposit $500 with and right away request a withdrawal without trading?

  8. Anthony Says:

    Yes admin i can vouch for binary international. i deposited a minimum of $250 just to get the GCAD indicator from ITM after running the software on the demo account given by binary international, turns out the software was not a winner so i didnt want to lose my money i instead requested a withdrawal from binary international without making a single trade from my live account. they removed the $50 dollars for taking the software without placing up to 5 trades and the good thing is that my money showed up on my account in 4 business days certainly i will be going back there to deposit atleast a 1000 dollars cos their minimum per trade is $25.but it is a good broker.

  9. Michael Freeman Says:

    So the (Binary Options ITM) software didn’t work from your experience, you have to ask yourself why they still charged you $50. I know that with many Signals Services they offer a 60-Days money back guarantee. Basically you invested $250, tested their GCAD Indicator, lost on the demo account, and withdrew $200 back. I am not sure if this is a good testimonial or a bad one. It’s not a common practice to charge people for a returned service/product even if it’s mentioned in their terms of agreement. I am still not convinced Binary International is legit and since they operate without regulations, they are not the safest choice. Thanks for sharing your experience and thoughts. Cheers! Mike

  10. Chris Burgess Says:

    i can’t get my indicators to work but easily got my 5000 back problem is only the initial deposit is back on the card profits have to be wired One thing I do like is that the trading choice is real and give you accurate direction I wasted the 100 000 dollar demo to 30000 then they cancelled the demo as I was trying to get a strategy going.

  11. Deshun Xu Says:

    I have 30K profit in binary international. since I got an ipad mini from them. I have to trade 60 active trading days. I will withdraw on Sept 29, 2014 all of my profits. I will tell the whole world whether binary international is a scam or not. If it is a scam, I will call my Visa ASAP to charge back my initial $5K deposit. I will also destroy this brand by all means if they scam my $30K profits by any excuses used by all the scams. By now. I was scammed around $20K by three scam brokers.

  12. Darcy Fowler Says:

    I notice that the reviews here for Binary International are over a year old.In November 2014 I opened an account with them + came across this website about 2 weeks later and thought ‘Oh No, I’ve been scammed” Since they have been in business this long and I don’t find many negative reviews except that they are not regulated, and when I did ask my account manager about it his reply was the same as Kyle’s, an employee of BI,about taking US clients. I just want to know if you still think this is a scam broker, after all time does make a difference to staying in business. Have you heard any bad things lately about BI?

  13. Chris Says:

    no problems withdrawing but had a super huge lag in the system and lost 3800 on trades that woudl have won. Like everyone else The demo worked fine. So going with a chargeback. The indicators never worked when i downloaded them Mind you I had no trouble withdrawing I am now wishing there was somethign in Binary trading that was real. Or a broker like a bank that will guarantee a deposit like market workd in there automated trading.

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