OptiMarkets Review

Optimarkets Review

Optimarkets is a revolutionary binary options platform available to traders globally. One of best advantages concerning Optimarkets is that there are NO Restrictions For US Residents! As many of you may know by now that many binary options platforms are restricting access to US traders now due to the recent lawsuit against Banc De Binary. Now many of the most reputable brokers commonly used by US traders for years are now restricting them. Luckily for us, Optimarkets is not setting any restrictions for US traders and offers access to 72 different assets over 5 trading features. Optimarkets was recently established in the British Islands and is quickly climbing rank for online traffic and popularity among binary options portals.



Optimarkets Withdrawals

Optimarkets has a superb withdrawal procedure when compared to other platforms. They do require a verification however that is just to insure no fraud is being performed. Confirmation of your account can take anywhere from 12-72 hours, however, reviews state that they are commonly verified within the first 24 hours. One of the controversies when it comes to traders of all levels is how long it takes for your withdrawals to be executed and what is the minimum withdrawal amount. With Optimarkets you can feel rest assured knowing that there is no minimum withdrawal amount and that funds are typically in your account within 3-7 business days. Another great thing about Optimarkets is that your funds are protected by an SSL (Encrypted Security) and held in a different account by the payment processing company; this ensures that your money is safe. One last feature that really sticks outs is that Optimarkets offer 3 free withdrawals per month, while most brokers will only offer you one and a fee of $25-35 for every additional withdrawal.


Special Features

While most trading platforms only offer 3-4 features on average, Optimarkets includes 5 features. The following features include digital, turbo, touch, one touch and range. Having those extra features not often included on other platforms is what makes Optimarkets elite and innovative. Having access to these features give traders full control over trading assets while allowing them to be dynamic and trade with a desired payout.


Optimarkets Review on Account Funding and Incentives

Just like most trading platforms, Optimarkets starting minimum deposit is set at $200 per transaction while the maximum deposit is $5,000 per transaction. You can deposit an unlimited amount of times within those price ranges. Deposits consisting of $500 or more will result in a free trading program where they will teach you how to trade with small amounts while yielding high returns. Bonuses are offered up to 250% as well, but should only be considered for the more experienced traders.

Minimum and Maximum Trade

Another important aspect when it comes to traders is the minimum and maximum trade amount allotted. Well the good news about Optimarkets is that they offer a minimum of $5 per trade which is one of the lowest offered. While their maximum trade amount is $1000 which is more than enough.

Payouts and Out of the Money Returns

One of the best things concerning this trading broker is their payouts and out of money returns. Optimarkets reaches payouts as high as 95% and on average between %81-%89 which makes them the industry’s leading potential payout platform available to the public. Not only do they offer some of the highest payouts but they also offer out of the money returns of 15% which is tied for the highest return among a few other platforms that are now not available to US traders. Not to mention that traders have the ability to trade over 70 assets that fall under currency pairs (Forex), indices, commodities, and stocks. These exceptional payouts and returns along with diverse assets available to trade make Optimarkets elite among other brokers available to the public.

Live Webinars and Training

Something often overlooked and not available among other binary options brokers are free training and live webinars available to the public. Optimarkets hosts 3-4 live webinars weekly to help educate traders and make them more successful. These live webinars include how to navigate and use their trading site more efficiently and effectively along. Other topics taught during these live training sessions include the fundamentals of trading and trading strategies popular among experienced traders. Most of the trading strategies go over in-depth analysis of technical analysis and fundamental analysis. If you want to learn more about trading strategies outside Optimarkets you can visit my tab labeled Binary Options Strategy Survival Guide.

Customer Support

Lastly, one of the most important benefactors that make a trader join a particular trading platform would be customer support. Optimarkets offers superior customer support in the form of email, phone and live chat. The waiting period for online chat is next to none and they offer unparalleled support compared to the many other brokers I have traded with. They answer all your questions and are very professional.

OptiMarkets Review Conclusion

Optimarkets is one of my top recommended trading platforms and is the best solution now available to US traders. They offer the most diverse trading features along with over 70 assets to trade from. They require an average minimum deposit while offering a low and high trade amount. Not to mention they offer the highest payouts in the industry along with great out of the money returns. If you want to be a dynamic and successful trader and learn more about trading then Optimarkets is for you.