Banc 54 Is a Scam! Complete Review

Thursday, November 28th, 2013 by Michael Freeman

One of the latest frauds I’m hearing about lately from my subscribers on Youtube, is the scam website. Presented as a binary options broker, this is a ‘crystal clear’ case of a bait and switch scam! From negative reviews on Forex Peace Army and independent blogs by pissed off traders, Banc 54 is not getting any sympathy from anyone and definitely not from me!

Banc 54 Review

I can only hope that you are reading this review before funding an account with Banc 54, because if you already funded an account with this scam, your money can Rest In Peace at this point. There is still hope though and I am becoming very familiar with the credit card dispute process after learning about various ways and tricks used by traders who got scammed by fraud companies, in order to convince the credit card companies to return the money. It’s not an easy task but it’s worth trying, after all, it’s your money that’s been taken a way from you. Credit card companies reps are very suspicious and will not always be on your side. After all, it’s you who consented to the transaction with, what argument are you planning to use? “They scammed me”. Sure they did, but it’s not always going to get you the money back. I will be happy to explain this process in more details if you’ve been scammed by this company. Just comment below, share your experience and I will be happy to offer solutions on how to deal with and hopefully get you the money back.


Banc54 will give you the run-around until you give up

If you already invested with this company, requested a withdrawal, and wondering what’s happening with your money, the first answer they will give you is “we are having problems with accounting”. They must have a lousy accountant if that’s the case, because it appears that 100′s of traders received the same message “we are having problems with accounting”. At this point, some traders give up and understand that this is a scam and fail to retaliate. B54 is counting on you to give up as well! Word of advice, Don’t give up! It’s your money and if you don’t value this money, you don’t deserve this money!

Is regulated?

Banc 54 is far from being regulated. They are simply a fraud site created by scam artists in order to lure binary options traders or other individuals looking for a money making opportunity. There’s nothing new about this, scams are many and they come in different shapes and forms. As a consumer, it’s your responsibility to research the product or service before giving your business to anyone, not after it’s too late!!! If you already deposited your money with Banc54, use this as a learning experience, please comment below and share your experience in order to make sure others don’t fall into the same trap! “What goes around comes around” and by doing something good for fellow traders, you will get your reward in one way or another even if it doesn’t seem like it at the moment.

Complete List of Scam Sites

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107 Responses to “Banc 54 Is a Scam! Complete Review”

  1. olatunji oluyemi Says:

    I just registered with the b54 site before i saw this review,i just funded the account and i have not made any trade because i am new to the options system,i got to register because of thee website which i have now discovered is a flawless effort to scam people,i mean,except you are gifted like mike freeman to really analyse and point pick their shortcomings,from their daily videos,there is no way,you can detect the short coming. I did not bother to do any review or google them because i felt they were okay until i read mike;s and forexpeacearmy that they are just an advanced level of scam,i will try to withdraw my $200 but i do not know how long that will take,any how,i will keep updating. here is mike’s review of profit in 60 seconds

    Why i am talking about them is because it was through them i discovered b54 team and i even noticed that b54 and banc de binary share the same exact hong kong service,very very strange,please only use brokers mike approves,i am new to the options market but with what he has recommended,i will definitely come good with it. my email is [email protected]

  2. Daniel Says:

    Thanks for a great website.

    I´m sorry to tell you that a friend of mine has invested over 80000 Euro in Banc 54. Now he wants to withdraw, but it seems easier said than done. What will you recomend him to do?

  3. Michael Freeman Says:

    This is very unfortunate news! €80000 is too much! Banc54 are probably one of the biggest frauds on earth! Did your friend deposit this money via bank wire or credit card?

  4. Daniel Says:

    Both bank and creditcard. Most bank iI think.

  5. Michael Freeman Says:

    Wiring money to a scam artist is like sending cash, once it’s sent it’s gone. The only possible way to get your money back after wiring it to a scam would be to contact the Federal Trade Commission at and file a complaint. The credit card portion of the money that was transferred to B54 can be returned by filing a dispute with the credit card company, by calling the number on the back of the card used for the transaction/s. There are two good easy ways to win a dispute with online transactions but it’s basically considered “illegal” but trust me that filing a dispute against a scam is legitimate by all means, I won’t say I promote doing it, but I know it works to simply deny any knowledge of this company. Don’t mention you also wired money via bank transfer and simply just deny everything and request to get your money back and in the same breath also ask to cancel the card because you’re afraid someone is misusing it. 2nd thing I am hearing that works, is to blame your kids for taking you card and using it online and that you want the money back in your account and that you never personally consented to these transactions, if you have kids it can work as much as it sounds kind of funny..Back to the money wire issue, I recommend also contacting your bank and tell them that you transferred this money to a scam and what kind of insurance they might have to offer you or what measures they recommend taking in order to get your money back. Remind them that it’s an online scam and since they conceal their location with a virtual office and incorporated on a “tax haven” island, you have no clue where they are located. So right now 3 things needs to be done:

    1) Contact the Federal Trade Commission at and file a report. They can force the Merchant company for B54 to freeze their account if they get enough complaints and eventually you might get your money back.

    2) File a credit card dispute the smart way… Hopefully they weren’t able to get an E-signature, because without a signature they will lose the dispute!

    3) Contact your bank and local authorities. €80,000 is not a joke. This calls for everything else to be placed on hold until this is handled in the best way possible.

    I will personally pray for your friend to get his money back and hopefully soon you will update us with some better news!!!

    All the best to you and your family! Mike

  6. Daniel Says:

    Thanks Mike. I will recomend your advice to him.

  7. olatunji oluyemi Says:

    Well well, Daniel maybe you can let us know what exactly B54 have said regarding trying to withdraw,let us in on what they said,then from there,one can know exactly the present situation, did your friend take their bonus package? just more on the situation

  8. Daniel Says:

    I don’t have all the facts. But I’ll keep you updated Wien I have.

  9. william Says:

    Hello. Have anyone heard something positiv about b54? Wnen Isee the web page, looks wery proffesional. Great payput.

  10. Michael Freeman Says:

    Hi William, not sure about anything positive. Google “B54 Reviews” or “b54 Scam” and you’ll find nothing but horrible testimonials by real traders. I am sure Banc 54 has ‘fake’ positive reviews posted but in most cases traders are referred to their site by fake signals services affiliated with this broker. You hve to wonder why you’re not seeing these bad comments and reviews posted on legit brokers like Topoption, Anyoption or one of the leading brokers. B54 is not in anyway interested to established reputation, they operate like a “fly by night” company.

  11. Toma Says:

    A person from Banc 54 phoned me saying he would show me how to double my account balance before the end of the month, he showed me a currency pair where 63% thought it would increase, he told me how to find the pivot point, he said on a currency pair, put down
    the days low 5163
    the days high 3571
    current value 3540
    add the together 10627 when divide by 3 is the pivot point = 3542. He told me to take 10 positions at $500 each, 5 puts above the pivot point and 5 calls below the pivot point. He said he would phone tomorrow to see how it did. If you do the trade he recommended you will lose $500 They will not answer my phone calls, I emailed them asking why they recommended this investment, they have not replied.

  12. william Says:

    Yesterday I asked If someone have had a good experience with banc 54. It looks that nobody have that.

    Back to myself, many mounth ago a person from banc 54 called me. Ha talk about the benefits binary options vs traditional trading. He could give me 50 % profitt in 2 weeks. He was very agressive wanted me to open account when speak to me at the phone. I search the internet for banc 54, everything looks good. They had webinars at vimeo. The web page looks so good, great payouts many assets. I started with 2000 euro.
    This man give me a long term trade.

    The day after, some analyst from banc 54 called me. He give me trades when we spoke at the phone. All was winners. After that i was hooked, like manipulated. They know exactly where to push. Same like hypnotized.

    One time, I trade wrong asset. So most likely i would lose. He said no problem I can give you the money back. Everything happend so fast they send some email to confirm and send back.
    It was always talking about deposit more money. Come to next level. Next VIP. More benefits more payout.

    Now I want my money back. I have apply for a withdraw. But it was canceled. They said I hsde take a bonus. Have a insane turnover requeste, nearly 2 000 000 euro.
    And I have only take a bonus 1 % of my totally deposit.

    But the can release it for a 30 % penalty fees, on totally deposit money.

    The most strange is, that they said I must deposit the fees, before they can release my money. They can not draw the fees before they send me the money. Said that is international bank laws.

    Can that be correct ?

    I am in a terrible situation. This is all what I think about. How can i get my money back.

  13. Michael Freeman Says:

    The scam brokers often try to lock traders to a ‘volume of trades’ required in order to qualify for a withdrawal that they will never approve anyway! 2,000,000 is just insane! Banc 54 is a joke but they are definitely dangerous! They also have highly trained sales reps with a sole purpose of pushing traders to deposit more and more until they drain the trader’s account. It’s very unfortunate and hopefully if they receive enough complaints and credit card disputes they will have to shut down their operation, even though I believe the actually deserve some serious prison time!

    A few things you must do:

    1) Contact the Federal Trade Commission at because you have to file a report against these crooks!
    2) If you funded your account using a credit card or at least some of it via credit card, contact the # of the back of your card and file a dispute.
    3) Contact your bank for alternative solutions and report that you’ve been scammed! They might point you to some local authorities that specialize in handing crooks such as Banc 54.

    I strongly believe that if enough people file complaints and dispute their credit card transactions they will have to shut down! Please update us with any positive news! or negative news. I also recommend cancelling the card after filing the dispute, in case they attempt to use it or re-distribute your credit card information around the web. They are scam-artists so pray for the best but expect the worst.

    I am really really sorry to hear about your experience but I am sure many readers will appreciate your testimonials and who knows? we might save a few traders!

    Good luck and all the best! Mike

  14. olatunji oluyemi Says:


  15. Toma Says:

    Good if you can do something for us.

  16. Michael Freeman Says:

    I am pretty sure other traders will probably checkout your testimonials and file complaints and disputes against Banc 54. The problem with these companies is that they often re-incorporate every few months and change their name. It’s possible that if they receive enough complaints the necessary authorities will lunch an international criminal investigation and bring the crooks behind these scams to justice.

    Scammers may enjoy a few years of good money but they are too arrogant to understand that the authorities, IRS and everything that stands for moral in this world, will eventually catch up with them sooner or later.

    The biggest of all scammers, Bernard Madoff, made it really big and was probably much smarter than these guys, and he is locked up for life in Federal prison now.

    These people operating the fake sites just don’t get it! Authorities don’t really care if you are hiding behind a website or a computer, if they want to get you, they’ll find you. These fools are too arrogant to understand this so I hope they’re going to enjoy the next few months or years being free and feeling like they’re getting rich, because the table will definitely turn sooner or later.

  17. william Says:

    Thank you so much for your advice Michael.
    I wonder, Is it only USA citizen who could report to Federal Trade Commission at

    When I send cardholders dispute to the bank. Will it help if I review this to the Police?

    We are consumers, if we are many and hold together, we can stop these SCUM

  18. olatunji oluyemi Says:

    If they incorporate white I expect them to do, it is left to prospective investors to carryout research before investing, I usually do this but I was so carried away by that I did not bother to likewise some of the investors, with people like Mike, Forexpeacearmy, Ninaryoptions,net, Binarywatchdog,, there is no how one could for them again, the best thing is to stick to the recommendations given by experts like Mike, the problem with we humans is that, we do the real reserach when we are in trouble and I am not just talking about trading, all facets of life.

  19. Paula Jones Says:

    Oh my goodness…where were you a month ago? I tried & tried to find reviews about Banc54 and I found nothing negative till now. I did find many “sponsored articles” in online publications I had never heard of that were positive. Now, I have lost almost $20,000. I did achieve the required “trade volume” (20 x’s your initial investment if you took their bonus) on my own without their trade suggestions. I built my “account” up to $150,000. The next day they wanted to know where I got my trades! Then the CEO of the company, Joe Reina wanted to Skype with me. He told me to take 10 particular trades at 10,000 euros each. Eight of these were losers. The next day my “broker” Eric Martin told me to take 3 more trades to get my acct back up–of course 2 of the 3 were losers. I felt very manipulated & robbed. They would never let me withdraw because I at first hadn’t met my 20x’s quota and then because I didn’t have 2 forms of government issued ID. I only had a driver’s license. By the time I had gotten that notorized (for them to agree to use just one form of ID) they had given me bad trades to empty my account. I now have .84 cents left. I am going to file a complaint but I think it is all too late.

  20. olatunji oluyemi Says:


  21. Harsha Says:

    please help me . they told me they are geting only 200 usd but now thay get my entire account balance I cant acess that site ether form my region. thay saying thay have with my IP. please help me to get my cash.i didnt sign ther term and condition.

  22. Michael Freeman Says:

    Hello Harsha, I am really sorry to hear about your experience with Banc54, if you made a deposit with a credit card I can recommend filing a dispute with your creditcard company. If you are not sure how to file a dispute or have any questions, don’t hesitate to email me at [email protected]

  23. Alexander Says:

    I was called by Justin. He wanted my credit card number and I didn’t want to give it but eventually he convinced me to do so. He then made a deposit with my credit card without my approval and told me that it was a bonus. Luckily it was only 100Euro but I still want my money back. The bad part is that I have traded with this money.

  24. Michael Freeman Says:

    I would seriously recommend cancelling your credit card, Banc54 is the type of broker that would continue to charge your card. If they did it once without your consent, they would do it again. Two things you should do, contact your credit card company, dispute the transaction and request to cancel it right after.

  25. Harsha Says:

    same thing happed to me . but i filed a dispute. they saying investigation started till it end they cant send my money they got 600 usd from my account it is big money for me.every one file dispute then it will be problem to them.

  26. Martin Says:

    I work in a international bank… when you give creditcards info by phone there is something wrong…

    Never give creditcardinfo by phone/skype no matter what!

    Even if the company is “real” the employee can go home and order crap on your card.

  27. Gary Says:

    you may have just helped me dodge a bullet, I have been in negotiations with BANC 54 these past few days, but there has been no money transfer at this point in time, and I owe you a big thank you for having this site on line, and that I was able to see the review about BANC 54 before I sent any money to them.

  28. Michael Freeman Says:

    Hi Gary! Thank you for the comment. I am really happy for you. If you only knew how many traders have emailed me about this company when it was already too late. Banc 54 hires the most professional sales reps to try to squeeze as much money as they can from you. Last week I received an email from a trader who deposited $50,000 which only shows how well trained and manipulative these crooks are.There is a reason why Bank 54 prefers bank wires and it’s because with credit cards traders can file a dispute while a bank wire is considered like handing out cash, once you wire it, you can kiss your money goodbye. I am truly happy for you and proud of myself for saving one more person! At least you learned your lesson without having to pay a heavy price, you almost fell into their trap but got saved by the bell. All the best! Mike

  29. Gary Says:

    while I`am still on your site, what can you tell me about the broker – Option Mint? I looked in your listing but did not see this one

  30. Michael Freeman Says:

    OptionMint is a newly established white label, they are not regulated or CIF licensed at the moment which is why you won’t find them on my black list or on my recommended brokers list. It’s too early to tell and there are lot’s of disappointing sites as you can see. If you are trading from the US, checkout the Binary Options in the USA page, I listed a few recommended brokers with a clean reputation. I personally use TitanTrade and GOptions. If you are trading from outside of the US, checkout the brokers reviews section. I included individual reviews for my recommended brokers on the right-side menu. If you have any questions you can always email me directly at [email protected] Cheers! Mike

  31. WIKUS Says:


  32. Michael Freeman Says:

    It depends on how long ago you made the deposit. If you invested within the last 60 days you can still file a dispute with your credit card company. Call the number on the back of your credit card, and you might want to also request to cancel your card just in case they will charge it again. It happens frequently with scam brokers.

  33. david Says:

    i signed up but i could smell the bullshit so i kept searching and found this, they called and called i told them to f**k of in the end i told them i will ddos there site and bring it down if they didn’t stop calling me, so i crashed there site for 3 hours and the calls stopped hahah and i am going to keep doing it f**k them dirty piece of shit

  34. Christian Says:

    Is it possible to cancel the account?
    How do I do that?

  35. Michael Freeman Says:

    Hi Christian, what do you mean by cancelling your account? Once you make a deposit, it’s too late. If you didn’t fund your trading account yet you should refrain from any further interaction with this company. Cheers! Mike

  36. Christian Says:

    yes. I had to open an account first, I wonder if I can close it, invalidate it too. I didn’t deposit any money. I was going do that but thanks to a internet connection plroblem the transation didn’t happen.
    So I have $0.

  37. Christian Says:

    Yes I was wondering if I can invalidate the account. I didn’t deposit eny money. Thanks to a internet connection probles.


  38. Michael Freeman Says:

    As long as you didn’t give them any payment information, you just got saved from being scammed big times! They are pros at what they do!

  39. Mark van Heteren Says:

    Hello, ik have also bad experience with b54. i have deposit 500 euros by my debit card. i did not gave any further codes are bank numbers. i did not play with the money! ther are like bastards after 3 days i asked for i bonus i got it after he sad you didnot askes for it! now i want to make a withdrawl and i have to activate my account:S i have to sent information i dont have in my country. now i can activate my account with a copy of my identity but now i wont get any reaction! does somebody now wat i can do? the broker isn’t responding by skype and the customer support wont pick up the phone and i wont get any response by mail .. Pleas HELP

  40. Michael Freeman Says:

    The only thing you can do is try to file a dispute with your credit card company at this point, call the number on the back of your credit card. In general, if you agree to a bonus offer than every binary options broker will restrict your ability to request a withdrawal until you meet the bonus condition..however with Banc 54 with or without a bonus you’re probably not going to ever see your money again..and it’s better not to give them any sensitive private your best shot at getting your money back right now is to call your credit card company and report that you’ve been hit be a scam..Good luck! Mike

  41. Ricky du Plessis Says:

    Hi! Just so sad to hear about all of us getting ripped off. Fortunately my bank blocked all their attempts at making transfers using my credit card details. (Yes, I gave them the info!!) They had attempted no less then nine times to move varying amounts of money, starting with 5K and then gradually coming down to the hundreds. Thankfully all were blocked by my bank who texted me an alert straight away. I cancelled the card immediately. Asked the bank if they could circulate the details of Banc54 internally to safeguard any other patrons. Thank you Mike for you review!!

  42. Debbie Says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for this site. They have been calling me for two days now. I was going to send them money tonight. You helped me dodge that bullet. Thank you.

  43. Michael Freeman Says:

    They are highly intelligent and pushy in their tactics and their able to trap people from all walks of life. It’s always important do the research before rather than after it’s ‘too late’ and always doubt any service or product that you’re being offered online. I am very happy that you found this review Debbie, all the best to you!

  44. Konstantin Says:

    Hi there, I am from Germany and unfortunately I have invested 2400 Euro in Banc54. I was trading with my broker losing and winning money, so my account was balancing at around 2200 Euro, so I already lost…Now I am trying to make a withdrawal for about 4 Month and it is the same story: Emails are not being answered, or the answers are like “your account hasn’t been verified yet” (but I’ve sent all the documents needed). If you call the international hotline there is always this “Carrie Miller” who tells you, that the accounting is currently very busy and they will call you back, but guess what, they won’t… I have contact to my broker via Skype and he is telling me, that he is not from accounting but he is doing his best to get my withdrawal through…so till now nothing happened and I am thinking about making a request to MasterCard, but I don’t know how to present the arguments to them to get the money back. Any help would be appreciated!

  45. Michael Freeman Says:

    Hello Konstantin, unfortunately now it’s too late. Filing a credit card dispute can work only if you file the dispute within 60-90 days of the time you deposited money with any company. Banc 54 is a true scam and they are never going to cooperate with you and any legal battle against them, unless in a form of a class action lawsuit, would be too costly and ineffective. In your case I suggest moving on and doing the best you can to forget about this experience. I am not a legal expert so there might be still some solutions but nothing that I am aware of. Good luck and have a nice weekend! Mike

  46. David Says:

    You think this is bad.

    Here in Australia they actually give scam artists business and company numbers. Without these you can’t trade.

    Then the authorities that are supposed to protect us from this sort of thing say that it is our fault and that they advise you not to associate with these companies. On top of all that they won’t investigate the matter.

    As far as I am concerned our fair trade commission is culpable.

    If they are going to advise against unscrupulous businesses then they should be including banks and financial institutions. They are the biggest scam artists of the lot.

    If I get the opportunity and the support I would like to bring a class action against our fair trading commission for there breach of duty of care.

  47. aliharbers Says:

    I deposited my money @500 about ten days ago and have been trading with Bn54 for one week. now my acct left $30. I didn,t know before that they’re all smart scamers. I felt they are not fair and honest. Very often expiry rate different from rate in their web which caused us loss. I checked again expiry time and rate in their screen chart and positively manipulated. Any how, thanks for this review and I,ll do my best to dispute this scamers.

  48. Gamage Says:

    Dear Mike,
    I thank God for you. I was about to deposit money with this culprit who called me and asking for my Debit Card details. ( I told them I do not have a credit card but tomorrow I would get it. Then he asked if I have a Debit card. Without any suspicion I said yes but it is my Company’s debit card. i.e. I own a small company.) Then he was much more interested to get the details over the phone, ASAP telling me within 1 minute I can start trading. Since I was driving in a high way at the time I told him I will go to your site and send the details in 10 minutes. He then said he will call me in 10 minutes again and he did. But I did not answer. I got suspicious at this time why he is spending so much money on international calls while I confirmed I would transfer the amount. In fact this man could not wait until the next day till I get my Credit card. I needed to get a Prepaid credit card so that by any chance if I have to face a problem I can stop reloading it.
    Thanks to you, I found your reviews before I do it.
    I think God sent you to protect innocent traders, most of them invest their life savings.
    Thanks again for your service and comments.

  49. Erik Says:

    Hi Michael,
    I opened an account with banc54 on Friday, January 24, 2014 (250 USD). During the weekend I received an email from [email protected] It says a transaction has been made… 1500 USD to banc54
    I checked my Banc54 account this morning. 3500 USD have been deposited.
    My bank card is supposed to be secure. to authorize the first deposit, I received a secret code to confirm the transaction by SMS from my bank.
    I have cancelled my credit card.
    Erik in Taiwan

  50. Michael Freeman Says:

    Responding fast is only going to play in your favor! Now that you cancelled your card, don’t forget to also dispute these transactions and in this case you have a good chance to receive your money back. Either way, it’s important to flag them with your bank and credit card company. Good luck and all the best! Mike

  51. Michael Freeman Says:

    I am really happy for you that you found this review before it was too late and luckily you were able to listen to the “voice of common sense” telling you that something must be wrong. It’s beyond rude to be calling someone while they’re driving and trying to get you on the phone again 10 minutes later…I am probably allergic to aggressive telemarketing at this point in my life. It’s ridiculous how many people work for these scams and make phone calls to unsuspecting victims all day..How low can someone go to make some extra money? I am pretty sure that these reps are getting commissions for this otherwise I don’t see how anyone in their right mind would work for some a scam. I am glad that in your case you can walk away without a scratch, you can take it as a learning experience and I am sure you will..besides a few minutes from your life, they weren’t able to take much. Thank you for the comment and all the best! Mike

  52. saiful Says:

    thanks for your information,i just make a deposit with them last week on friday via my card..and the matter now is my account has been block,so now how can i get my money back?

  53. Michael Freeman Says:

    Hi Saiful, I am sorry to hear that. If you made a deposit via credit card you can always call the number on the back of your card and contact the ‘credit card dispute department’, then ask to dispute the transaction on the basis of getting scammed. The problem is with consent and the fact that you approved the transaction and it’s up to you how you want to describe the situation. I believe in honesty, unfortunately it doesn’t always get your money back so choose your words carefully and hopefully the credit card company will understand your situation. For safety, you might want to also request to cancel your card. Good luck! Mike

  54. Mike Says:

    Has anyone here heard of this guy? He runs a web video and site called binary pilot. All started with an email called freecashapp. Anyone heard of this guy? These things they are trying to sell sound too good to be true.

  55. Michael Freeman Says:

    I’ve been asked about the service a few times but never tried it or heard from anyone who tried it. Make sure they are not connected with any scam brokers, some signals services are affiliated or owned by fraud brokers such as B54 or Global Trader 365. Checkout the binary options scams page. If you end up trying the service I would love to hear about your experience, you are welcome to leave a comment or email me directly at [email protected] and if anyone else have any comments about this service, keep us posted! Mike

  56. Paul Watkins Says:

    This guy you are on about is only knwn as Nathan and hes the one who founded this site called “BINARY PILOT”!!, i received an email invitation for the FREECASHAPP and as an emarketer i thought it was from one of my guru marketers, after listing to the video that was so convincing i fell for it, i locked in my possition and followed the directions, this led me to the broker “ERIC MARTIN” who is one of the brokers for Binary Pilot and works for B54, i next receive a phone call from eric martin and after his convincing speach i gave him my card number and deposited $250, within seconds of giving my card details there were 8 attemts at taking money from my account rangeing from $250-$500 and 1 attemt at a $1000 from a PB OPTIONS somewhere in Azerbaijan, lucky for me the bank refused payments and stopped my card. I skyped this eric martin and asked him what was going on,thi is the conversation i had with him.

    Eric Martin: write to me, i can’t take you call this moment
    Paul Watkins: Eric we need to talk
    Eric Martin: shoot
    Eric Martin: what can i do for you?
    Paul Watkins: can we talk over phone
    Eric Martin: <<< write to me, i can't take you call this moment
    Eric Martin: what do you need?
    Paul Watkins: What i need to discuss will take to long typing
    Eric Martin: so the quicker you get it done, the quicker i can answer your question
    Paul Watkins: What is going on? when we spoke on the phone you told me that my bank won't release the $250, when i spoke to the bank they told me that this payment had been payed and also there were 8 more attempts at taking between $200 – $500 within minuits of giving you my bank details, plus there was an attempt to withdraw $1000 by PB OPTIONS in Azerbaijan, I have been given alink to a Binary Pilot site that does not work and there is no answers from there backup from there messaging service.
    Paul Watkins: And not only that my bank has now closed this account because of these dubious actions causing me great problems.
    Eric Martin: i have no conenction to PB options
    Eric Martin: you have 250 in your account
    Eric Martin: as we discussed over the phone you wanted to work in the personal broker account that would require an upgrade, accounting made an attempt for the up grade and nothing passed
    Eric Martin: your account hass 250 as a blance
    Paul Watkins: I dont recall wanting to work in the personal account? and no upgrade was mentioned becaus at this stage i would have no ideal how these sceems work, i said to you at the time that i was happy to make small investments and if i made any money then i would probably invest more, are you conected to Binary Pilot because it seems that quite a few people in the UK are having problems with this so called FREE CASH APP that you are connected with.
    Eric Martin: i am not connected to binary pilot
    Eric Martin: as well i was clear about the upgrade to work together
    Eric Martin: i have the EXACT same conversation with every client i speak to
    Eric Martin: the calls are recorded
    Eric Martin: anyhow
    Eric Martin: you have not further invested and are not on the pba
    Eric Martin: you have 250 in your account
    Eric Martin: so all is well
    Eric Martin: here are the monthly VIP positions
    Eric Martin: aud/usd – down – 1/31/2014 17:10
    eur/jpy – down – 1/31/2014 17:10
    gbp/usd – up – 1/31/2014 17:10
    usd/cad – up – 1/31/2014 17:10
    usd/jpy – down – 1/31/2014 17:10
    gold – up – 1/31/2014 17:10
    oil – down – 1/31/2014 17:10
    Eric Martin: i suggest you place your balance acreoos these trades as they are from our specialist with reuters and the analysis has a 97% accuracy
    Paul Watkins: Because of all the problems that have arrison with my bank and there is no backup from the people that introduced me to all of this, I woul appreciate if you would refund my deposit.
    Eric Martin: yo uwill need to verify your account and that is not a problem what so ever
    Eric Martin: but i do reccoemmend trading and profiting and withdrawaling more than you invested.
    Eric Martin: that is why you came to us in the first place
    Eric Martin: right?
    Paul Watkins: I dont know the first thing about trading, this only came about from an emarketing guru that built an mobile app that did all the trading work for us and to contact there broker to deposit the $250 and there we would get the link to download the app for our phone, which would then work 24/7 for us automaticaly.
    Eric Martin: place the position i just provided you with, and you will see the profits atomorrow evening
    Eric Martin: i have done everything for you.

    Thats as far as i have gotten with this but i intend to ring my card company and tell them about the scam but i cant see me getting my money back, i may loose the $250 but i hope this Post will help and save anyone else from giving these scammers more of our hard earned cash.


  57. Michael Freeman Says:

    Hi Paul, thank you very much for sharing your experience. It’s going to be a great help for other traders who will be able to connect between these entities and people who are all connected and ripping off unsuspecting traders with their scam. Anything that’s even remotely connected with Banc54 is a complete scam and I am thinking to upload a video on YouTube and give this information more exposure. From experience I can tell you that real reviews with real information tend to rank higher on Google than a scam review posted on a well SEO’d website. They can’t hide behind the fake reviews and trust me that within days, anyone who will be searching the keywords “Eric Martin, FreeCashApp or BinaryPilot” will see your post on the first page of any related search results because this is real stuff. It’s a fraud and many people have been asking me about the Free Cash App but I gave it the benefit of the doubt. There’s no way I am letting anyone signup with any of these entities and it’s good to know they are in charge of PBOptions. Anyone who is reading this, make sure to checkout Paul’s comment and real it carefully because once you give these scammers your credit card you will need to cancel it and go through a big head ace trying to get your money back. Call your credit card company and ask to dispute the transaction, they already have evidence that they tried to charge your card without your consent so you have a very solid case against them and I am very confident you will see your money back in full! Keep us posted and good luck!

  58. Paul Watkins Says:

    Just an update to let you know that i have already disputed this transaction with b54, after some questioning and verification, they could see that the bank had already stopped the attempts to get money from my account, and also put a block my card, so they have refunded my payment pending further paperwork.

    Thankyou for allowing me to voice my concerns on your site, and thank you for your investigations and information on these scamers.


  59. celix Says:

    I wish I had found out from you guys first. I too fell in to this Banc 54 trap.

    they withdrawn my account into the RED. When my bank rang me , I was shocked they withrawn 6 additional transaction deposited to the trading account without my knowledge.
    I tried emailling anf calling Banc54, I tried contacting Owen Abrams(broker on Skype), it was lies and excuses all the way. I had not evan started anything yet I’m out of pocket.

    28th Jan 2014 was when I started in contact with this Owen Abrams broker.
    failed to refund my money, so I have file and reported to the National Fraud police in London, checked the business is fake address. Adviced to cancel my visa card with the bank.

    I have filed a dispute to reclaim my money now. The good news is I can get the funds reclaimed USD 1250.
    Hopefully Interpol will carry out a full investigation now.

  60. william H Says:


  61. Harsha Says:

    celix , Have you received your money? because bank says they send charge back request to their merchant and i have to wait 45 working days. within 45 days they have to accept or reject the request then only bank file the dispute. problem is Banc 54 is making trade on my account i cant stop that.Clixif you received your money please tel us.

  62. Glen Palmer Says:

    Wow, it seems that the more I look into this business the worse it gets. They’ve taken money out my account without any prior knowledge. I didn’t even know anything about Binary Options until recently. I have filed a complaint with my bank as I believe someone hacked my account to withdraw funds for this scam (ha the irony, a scammer being scammed themselves). Anyway, I should get refunded if all goes well. One thing that has me intrigued though is Binary Trading and I want to learn more. Is it truly possible to make money from trading, even if you have little knowledge. Can anyone point me in the right direction to so e legitimate traders that can teach me about trading? Cheers.

  63. Michael Freeman Says:

    Hi Glen, I am really sorry to hear you got caught up with Banc54, this is a common trick they use by claiming someone from Nigeria or wherever, hacked into the account and they need 90 days to investigate it which is just about the time they need in order to disable your ability to dispute the transaction with your credit card company, which is the only chance you got to receive your money back from them. File a dispute and don’t let me them give you the “runaround” with their lies. If it wasn’t for all the scams, I would say binary options is a great opportunity for day traders. There’s a lot of money to be made. I covered several strategies in various articles and YouTube videos and if you are interested I can email you some links, my email is [email protected] Checkout one of my most recent strategy videos, it’s a great strategy and fairly easy to learn. Binary Options Strategy – below the video I included a link to a detailed article. IF you are looking for a reliable broker, you should register with a fully EU regulated broker like Topoption, Capitaloption or OptionFair. For US Traders I can also recommend TitanTrade which is the broker I am currently trading with. Checkout the Broker Reviews page and don’t hesitate to email me if you have any questions. Cheers! Mike

  64. Celix Says:

    Hi Harsha, I did get my money back because I reported it to the police, the local police should be able to point you in the correct direction and give you some advice what you can do.
    I followed this up with a call to my bank to dispute those unauthorised withdrawals with the police reference reporting as fraud and a risk of ID theft if I provide further documentation to Banc54, as on my trading account which I did not setup or enter any actions to, shows they have not got my correct information about me.
    In all correspondence and visable screens on the laptop, I have taken photographic evidence to back my case.
    All my money is refunded through my bank, I cancelled my card immediately, as the card is compromised.

    I then recieved an email from Banc54: asking me to sign a document.
    right at the end there is a statement:

    I confirm that the above deposits are my current balance and Banc54 is not responsible for any further funds regarding this account, after this amount total.

    Their wording of this is if I signed this, they close my trading account and they are not responsible for it, as the word funds has another meaning to them from their website, so I replied back I will not sign the document and they are not to close the account until the merchant from my bank has confirmed that my money is refunded.
    I also adviced them that I will login to the account only to check the account balance is unchanged daily until the account was settle with my bank.

    I did not sign anything with Banc54, therefore I am not obliged to give them any further information about who I am to verify my account.

    They sent me a bonus form which I totally ignored, the form stops you from withdrawing your money if you have not traded a set amount with them.(This is a trap).

    In my case it is reported with my bank first about those unauthorised transactions then followup to the police , they will provide you with a reference number of some sort, then rang the bank to report the incident and stop and cancel the card.

    The dispute team have also informed me this dispute is carried over 31 days and that is for UK.

    Things you might consider is taking a photo of the history of your trading account and all the information you can see on your screen, make sure there is a date stamp on screen with your name and trading acount number, this page should show the time and date too.

    Hope this helps.

  65. Harsha Says:

    Celix Thanks.
    but in my case i didnt sing their any agreement. but they said im longing via option charger and they are making trade but they didn’t stop trading. informed to my bank and process the dispute immediately.but my bank delayed 1 month to process the charge back they got 600 USD now my account only 469.i want to get my money back so i sent document to verify the account but my names is not in my card so they didn’t verify the account .but they are still making trade i cant stop that. i cant access the site also from my region. i sent too many email to stop trading on my account to bance54 and optioncharger, no point of my any work. i know after 45 days account will be Zero. i told that to my bank. they don’t understand. currently my card working but i completely stop the online payment.

  66. Celix Says:

    Hi Harsh, I think you have better to report it to the authories legal route to resolve your issue.

    My recent update on my case, was that Mr Owen Abrams {Banc54 broker agent} rang me very angry tone of voice wanted me to cancel my dispute, then turns the whole thing against me saying they have record phone calls etc etc. If I would cancel my dispute with my bank, he would refund my money…
    I have follow up and reported this to the authories too.

    It is a pain to go the legal process, but it it the best resolution we have as customers which fall as victims.

    I suggest you contact your local authories seek help from them , then report the dispute with your bank, don’t give banc54 anything, as you might fall at risk.

  67. Bruce Says:


    I just found out this was a scam after the 2 weeks. I have been charged for about $22k into the account from 4 cards.

    Please help with the dispute. I’m new to this and hope to get as much help as possible from anyone.

    Michael Freeman, if I had signed the e-sign before, what should I do?

    I’m very scared now and don’t know how to get my money back.

    Thanks so much.

  68. Michael Freeman Says:

    Hi Bruce, the E-signature is a problem because it plays in their favor if you decide to dispute the transaction with your credit card companies but since it’s a significant amount of money I would recommend filing a dispute anyway. Unfortunately this is the only way you will ever see your money back from this scam. Make sure to call the number on the back of each of your cards. Good luck with the dispute!

  69. Toma Says:

    Banc 54 is listed as a scam on the ASIC (Australian Securities and Investment Commission) website.
    Google: asic scam list, click on company’s you should not deal with.
    Visa recovered my funds from Banc 54 for me, no problem, thanks Visa.
    MasterCard refused to help, even after the credit card swordsman contacted them for me, they said it was not listed as a scam when Banc 54 scammed me, That,s not good, what do you say?

  70. Michael Freeman Says:

    Good information! Thank you for sharing. That’s a shame that MasterCard denied your dispute, what kind of a stupid excuse is that? The MasterCard representative is full of shit. I would call them again and again until you are able to recover your money, ask to speak with a manager or someone with more authority…at least they could give you a better reason! There is no other way to recover your money within a reasonable budget.

  71. Bruce Says:

    Thanks Toma, if Visa is able to help me recover my money from this scam company, I can get back at least $13k but the problem is I’ve signed the agreement earlier which will play in their favor in my dispute. I hope Visa could identify it’s a scam company and return the money. Unfortunately I used master card for another $9k but fortunately I didn’t sign another agreement for $5k charges because the account manager said I have to sign in order to return the extra charged amount which is nonsense, so hopefully I can get back $5k from Mastercard.

    I just reported the dispute last week, how long did Visa and Mastercard get back to you with the results?

  72. Toma Says:

    Visa, about a week.
    MasterCard, months to get nowhere.

  73. Bruce Says:

    I see, that’s quick for Visa. But I thought this has to depend on the bank investigation? I was informed by 2 different banks that way so they will get back to me 2 to 4 months.

    So Visa and Mastercard is the one doing all this?

  74. Harsha Says:

    yes same thing here. my bank says 45 days they are getting to charge back the transaction. my charge back was happened 30/01/2014 from my bank. my transaction was happened 27/12/2014. my bank got 1 month to check whole incident. because bank didn’t accept the dispute . they said anything happened wrong from my said that merchant can charge 300-400 USD as fine from bank. so bank hesitate to go to dispute . so any one sign the B54 agreement, my suggestion is don’t tell to bank. last Friday 14/02/2014 i had a chat with Meredith Jones he said my current balance -131 USD. he said now money in escrow, it will take 6 week to investigate and they will get commission also. i don’t know this thing whether true or not .now i’m waiting and my bank said within 45 days they have to send money or if they don’t send the money bank can claim the fund from VISA. i think these information will helpful for who are going to dispute .

  75. Bruce Says:

    Thanks Harsha! This is great information, and good news to me as I’ve signed the declare of deposits agreement. But I didn’t tell bank about this because I don’t have the chance to say so, they just said they will investigate. So hopefully all will go well. So did you tell the bank that you have signed the declare of deposit agreement?

  76. Harsha Says:

    Bruse. actually i didn’t sign the agreement . Because i knew i was fully Scammed.i sent that agreement also to bank and i informed to them also don’t click any button on the agreement. They didn’t trust me but again said if i signed this i have to receive the bonus and i inform them to check my account then they realized i haven’t sign. But you don’t hesitate , do whatever you can do to get your money. B54 are idiots they will charge some amount if you make any trade using their bonus but if you haven’t made any trade they have to give your money. isn’t it? hopefully you will win the dispute.

  77. Bruce Says:

    That’s what I’m worried. I’ve completely fed up to deal with them trying to get my money back. I signed the agreement, I’ve made some trades and accepted the bonus which I’m totally not aware of it the first time, and then they charge again and give more bonus to my account again. This is getting crazy, because I have to meet the unknown turnover in order to start withdrawing the money. I reported the dispute last week, so far the bank haven’t call me up for more details yet. The bank also said police report is not required, but I still make a police report. I’m not sure what to do now beside than waiting for the results from bank.

  78. Harsha Says:

    Bruce. I’m extremely sorry about your situation. but don’t get upset. i didn’t make any trade but B54 said i came to them via option charger (auto trade) they made trade. I lost 131 USD. but as per B54 by balance negative 131 USD. So even you made loss there is a possibility to receive your full amount. But i don’t know what will happen because i haven’t received any cent yet. but think positive other than that we cant do anything now because money has gone from our accounts.

  79. Toma Says:

    Banc 54/MasterCard: I cannot contact Banc 54 on the phone, they do not reply to my emails and I cannot log into my trading account.
    Regardless of this MasterCard is still refuse my request for a refund
    They tell us the advantage of using a credit card compared to a bank wire is the card company can recover ones funds if one does not receive the goods/serves one has paid for.
    Unfortunately MasterCard has denied me this advantage and sided with Banc 54 regardless of Banc 54 being on THE ASIC SCAM list.

  80. Billy Winward Says:

    I was unfortunately caught by Banc 54 via the Golden Goose Method but through sheer dogged persistence and the threat of legal action by Visa Fraud service and the Homg Kong Police I recovered my money. Initially I made two deposits with one of their ‘expert brokers’ named Henry Shaw for $1800. Within one a half hours period after my deposits were made but without my authorisation eight further manual attempts were made, to withdraw further money from my Visa card. Fortunately Visa card services thought the transactions suspicious and blocked the payments. I did not know about the attempted withdrawals until the following day when Henry Shaw was supposed to contact but failed to do so and I became concerned. I rang Visa card just to make sure everything was alright with the transactions and they informed me of the attempted theft of money. I tried to contact Henry for the next 10 days but he ignored my messages and telephone calls.
    I then contacted the CEO Joe A Raina with the original full transcripts of the Skype messages and emails. I eventually got my deposit returned after I threatened legal action via Visa Fraud Services and the Hong Kong Police for the attempted theft of money.
    BEWARE of Banc 54 – and Henry Shaw not to be trusted.
    Withdrawing or the attempted withdrawal of funds from a Credit / Debit Card without authorisation is a criminal offence in any country of The World.
    The initial contact for the Hong Kong Police is Central Service Center telephone Hong Kong 3661 1602 Fax 2543 9612
    Address …G/F, No.149 Queen’s Road Centre, Central, Hong Kong

  81. Chloe Says:

    Hello Everybody,

    I am writing this to advise you all on how to avoid dissapointment, the only reason i found this site is because i am a chargeback officer for a major financial instituion and i deal with credit card disputes everyday and one of my customers is disputing $29,000NZD with this company at the moment.

    If you file a dispute claiming you do not know this merchant and that these transactions are fraud, you will indeed get your money back instantly but this is temporary, once a chargeback is completed the merchant has 45 days to represent the transaction. If within the 45 days they can prove to the bank that the customer has indeed participated in the transaction we will lose the chargeback rights and will re-debit the amount immediately.

    Be honest with your banks and do the research before giving credit card details to ANYBODY.

    Sorry all but any money invested with this company will have to be put down to a bad experiance.

  82. SCOTT Says:

    I had put many weeks into the study of binary options and had been very interested. After I had hundreds of dollars stolen from me from,

    I then found “Banc De 54″ I spoke with two men from “54″ that were so polite and educated sounding in the way they sold themselves to me over the phone convincing me of their honest, virtue, and moral do gooders. They even took all the info down asking me to provide all I knew about the “optionrally/; scammers, “54″ even offered and insisted that they would get my money returned,

    OPTIONRALLY convinced me to give them my credit card info and the next day I was with no credit left as optionrally had made close to a dozen charges from all around the world , Boston, Germany, Switzerland, Hong Kong as what I can recall, the charges started in large amounts of a few hundred dollars, when the larger charges were being declined, the charges would then be put through in smaller amounts, the final amount that option rally had got approved was for the amount of $11.00. At the last charge put on my card I only had $3.58 available to charge,

  83. Mike Lloyd Says:

    Sorry to hear about this scam which it clearly is. Came across this company in Oct 2013 when they phone me on my mobile on a Saturday lunch time from Hong Kong Had a great deal do a trade in Gold go short or long cannot remember. At the time had been speaking with two other companies this was a third one? invested £1000 on the Saturday on the Sunday they took from my card a further £1500. Want me to have $10,000 on account to be able to use this senior Guy.left my account in the UK very short of funds Went mad next time they called wanted to take a further payment Explained I had scrapped the card with the Bank so no further money could be taken very cross!!! As soon as the second payment my trust was ZERO. Explain need funds back. Had used my Debit Card for payment put a complaint into them waste of time. would not use the funds to trade kept asking for return of fund. Wrote to the CEO of the company. This must have been the start of the scam, within a week my money was returned Lost £144 on exchange rate & charges. Now must consider myself very lucky.
    At the time I was not even aware that this was a scam. NEVER give can details over the phone to anybody who has rung you?

  84. trudie Says:

    Can anyone please get in contact with me Regarding the Banc54 scam as I need to make sure what info to give to the bank regarding the fraud. Much appreciated.

  85. Michael Freeman Says:

    Hi Trudie, I am really sorry you deposited with’s a terrible scam from what people are reporting. Did you deposit via credit card or bank wire? Which credit card Visa or Master Card? and did you provide Banc54 with an electronic signature?

  86. Carl Says:

    I have the same story of having been scammed.Is there any way to get someone in Hong Kong to look into the matter and to report their fraud to the police in Hong Kong, or is the Hongkong adress also a fake ?

  87. Michael Freeman Says:

    B54 is not physically located in Hong Kong, they might have an offshore entity representing them in Hong Hong for Fiscal reasons. I would still contact the authorities in this case.

  88. Carl Says:

    Thanks for your reply, Michael.
    Is there any explanation why the “honest ” brokers do not react in any way eg. legal action against these thieves ? The name of all binary option brokers is at risk. I, for myself am now very reluctant to subscribe to ANY option trading system.

  89. Michael Freeman Says:

    Hi Carl, I can understand why traders would be reluctant to signup with any broker after an experience with B54 or one of the fake companies but there are several reliable binary options brokers and I can name a few. Checkout my Topoption Review, they are fully EU regulated and offer a $100 minimum. They are not pushy with trying to encourage traders to deposit thousands of dollars and the withdrawal process is hassle free. If you are trading from the US, checkout the TitanTrade Review, they have a clean reputation and they offer fast withdrawals. I am not too concerned with the payout, features and the asset list as much as I am concerned with withdrawals and customer service. For other alternatives, checkout the right side menu for other broker reviews. Cheers! Mike

  90. Fred Widdup Says:

    I received the following reply from Hong Kong police and they are aware of Banc 54. Hope it can help:

    From : [email protected]

    Subject : Re : Banc 54

    Content :
    Dear Fred Widdup,

    Thank you for your email dated 17 March 2014.

    I am so regret to inform you that the Hong Kong Police Force only has
    the jurisdiction within the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong.
    On the basis of the information provided, the case was occurred outside
    Hong Kong that there are insufficient grounds for the Hong Kong Police
    Force to take action. Meanwhile, you may seek assistance from your
    local authority. However, if you gather more sufficient information
    which proving that the matter is occurred in Hong Kong, you may report
    your matter directly via our e-Report Room

    and for providing Crime information, please click the below link

    Should you have further police enquiry, please feel free to contact us


    Police Public Relations Branch
    Hong Kong Police Force

  91. Michael Freeman Says:

    Thank you for sharing this information. Unfortunately have no real presence in Hong Kong.

  92. AGRON Says:

    So B54 Hong Kong address is fictitious, what’s about that London, UK address is it the same?!
    Hi to all co-scammed victims, unfortunately I have that comfort feeling when I see I’m not the only one being scammed by that scum bag B54. My story is similar to a lot of those fellows over there, but maybe a little more unscrupulously ripped off thou, hopefully this mean they are at the end of their sordid. First I came to know this “Ghost” broker through an e-mail sent into my e-mailbox by a so called Golden Goose Method, it was around November 2013, my attention was grabbed by theirs so professional looking platform, but mostly of a Demo Account option that most of the binary tradings platform does not offer. I’ve been planning to play binary tradings, for as Forex which I’ve been studying for some time now with its ever tightening rules have made it almost impossible to deal with it. Long story short, by December I tried some demo accounts at B54 platform, things went pretty well and platform was acting live and sound as it looked(they contacted me soon minutes I placed my data there as they’re in prey for it, I just told I need some time to keep testing it). On January 2014 after some more testing I decided to open a real money account, but I recall it pretty well I made a search on google exactly with the “scam” keyword about B54, but what it came to my face it was a web page that showing B54 had nothing to do with a scam, even they were experienced champions of educating people to tradings. So I decided to enter on real account by the end of January at their minimum of 540USD, for some security reasons I don’t hold a credit card and had to wire transfer that money, as they are good preyers I was directly contacted by their agent Theo Michaels. He e-mailed to me a fast transfer ING Bank NV, Zurich account Nr. and address to where I was supposed to transfer my money and suddenly opened a B54 Account which was initially in Euro. I asked him through his e-mail to change that in USD as so was the transfer otherwise it would have affected my trading, he did it the very next day. Things looked normal, it was a 3-4 business days period for my money to be transferred into their account and it was supposed to be the same for that amount to be shown into my B54 account, BUT here it comes the rip off ordeal I’m dealing with till today I’m writing you this. They never transferred my money into B54 trading account, Theo Michaels has lost his tracks since the 5-th and last day contacting me to e-mail him my transfer confirmation which sure I did. I’m contacting them into their live chat room for several weeks now asking why my money is not showing into my B54 account platform they keep saying that account department is working on it. Around two weeks ago another one of their agent called Meredith Jones e-mailed me bluffing by saying they don’t know where my money is gone they have not received any transfer and don’t have any proof of it. I didn’t eat that and kept live contacting until one day one of the operators obviously not part of the scam helped me live to certify my sent money at the address given to me by Theo Michaels. Now that we have your proof of transfer he said to me, your money will be shown into your B54 account by tomorrow or max 3 days. Guess what there are 3 weeks now and my money are not shown into my B54 account and much probably never will, I asked for that guy Rami who told me we found your money transfer, but they told me he is not working for us anymore. As I and You see they have decided a short cut this time; to steal the money directly, no hassle just like that bang, just like a thug, an ordinary thief.
    Am I angry?! Well not any more with them…
    Does big G…I mean Google, or Yahoo, or Bing or who ever else offers shelter and dispatch the scammers on the internet know that is a crime not to denounce the crime…they’re not there from yesterday, they are there from around two years now, how can it be they’re not busted face down like ordinary criminals by any law enforcement?!… Yes this make me angry…

  93. Michael Freeman Says:

    In the UK they would’ve been arrested by now. Unfortunately the UK address is another fake address in a trail of ghost companies .. You might need to dig a little bit deeper because the way the offshore companies are incorporated, makes them very difficult to track..They try to avoid getting tracked for criminal and for tax purposes..There are at least 3-4 different companies in between combined with greedy international tax accountants and fraud credit card merchant account providers..all should be held accountable and morally responsible for this tax-free offshore scam surviving for so long..and Yes, you should be very angry right now. Being scammed is as close as it feels to getting raped..but on a mental can’t blame yourself for falling for it because they are professionals and they know how to work intelligent people into depositing money.

  94. AGRON Says:

    Thanks, Mike for such a rapid respond.
    But I wonder how a precise account nr. and address of ING Bank NV, Zurich B54 gave to me, which is so close to where I live, can not be tracked to ask for a refund or to track down who’s the person that made the transaction.
    My native “Raiffeisen” Bank branch where I made that wire transfer, and whose head office seat is at the border with Zurich (Swiss) let me in the lurch, I think they care only for the transfer fee they’ve got, they don’t bother open an investigation case, when I talk with the accounting staff they shrink their shoulders and let me hopeless. How can a whole Banking system be drown into a drop of water ?!…
    I tried to find any on-line investigating team but I found only an FBI site, I tried to file a complaint but it was obviously dealing with USA related cases only.
    Do you have any clue what can be done about this ? I have an exact ING Bank account where that money was sent, they should have some legal obligations if a fraud transaction is occurring…should be some way around it…

  95. Michael Freeman Says:

    While I was travelling in Europe I also opened an account with Raiffeisen, they have many branches all over the place. Banks are even worst than the credit card companies because it’s much harder and close to impossible to reverse a wire transfer.. The FBI will not help and they barely help US traders too. It’s a hopeless cause.. I am afraid that the bad guys won in this round. :(

  96. AGRON Says:

    Thanks Mike again for fast reply…
    It’s a phrase; ”don’t cry over the spoiled milk” which I have to comfort myself then…
    I have a crucial question; Can I rely to binary trading as overall, and particularly can I use 60 second option on currency trading if I decide after being healed a little by that rip off burn. Can you recommend me next the best fit broker regarding to where I actually live, South-West Balcan State Albania, not EC member at the moment, and mostly can I rely on your advice for not being scammed again…?

  97. Michael Freeman Says:

    I wouldn’t recommend trading on the 60 seconds feature, turbo trading or 5 minutes binary options. It’s impossible to predict a trend over such a short time frame. I personally trade on hourly expiry. In a recent article I reviewed the Fence Trading Strategy I follow with many of my trades, it’s fairly simple to learn. I got plenty of strategies posted on the blog section. In terms of a broker, the safest way is to trade with a fully CIF licensed and EU regulated broker like Topoption, OptionFair, InteractiveOption and Capitaloption. The most popular broker right now is Topoption, they also require a $100 minimum deposit instead of $200-$500 as required by other brokers. They have a very clean reputation and they are easy to work with. They are available anywhere in Europe last time I checked. Here is my Topoption Review! I also reviewed the other brokers I mentioned. If you have any questions later on you can always email me at [email protected] Have a great weekend! Mike

  98. Harsha Says:

    Hi guys. I would like to inform that i have received 600 USD .My charge back worked. Michael Freeman i highly appreciate your assistant and Thank you very much. i like to tel other like me try harder to get your money these are your money try to do whatever you can to get back your money don’t ignore and don’t give any cent to these bance54 idiots. It took 3 months to get back my money.

  99. Michael Freeman Says:

    That’s great news Harsha! I am glad you finally got your money back :)

  100. Toma Says:

    Can someone please provide me information showing link between, AW-fxlider and Banc 54 for my MasterCard dispute as below?
    They need this to show my payments went to Banc 54.

    To assist with your claim regarding Banc54 scam.
    We require more information showing the link between, AW-fxlider and Banc54.

    We have reviewed the different website’s and have not found any link between companies.

  101. Louisa Says:

    I have opened an account in December 2013 and once then they took money out of my account without my authorization.
    I should have done something then but I was so eager to earn an extra holiday bonus that I did not really look into that.
    When putting the withdrawal request that was where the fun started.
    So like all the other people above I am struggling to get my money. To make things worst is that I am a single mother and that was my savings… Please help!!

  102. Michael Freeman Says:

    Hi Louisa, first of all I am terribly sorry this company got you too. The word “scam” is not enough to describe what these crooks are doing to people..Hopefully they didn’t take out so much money from your card but either way yo ucan always dispute the transactions. You have to take matters to your own hands and contact your credit card company, tell them that you are one of 1000′s of traders, as you just found that, who were conned by this company and you are in a terrible financial situation and you need your money back ASAP. In most cases you will win so don’t give up before trying. Keep us posted and if you have any other questions don’t hesitate to ask! Good luck! Mike

  103. AGRON Says:

    Hi, and congrants to Harsha
    I’m so happy for Harsha that got her money charge-back as is so actual, may I know which way did she deposited @B54, was it through a credit card or wire…? In order to help other victims to find any way out…

  104. Harsha Says:

    AGRON, Thak you.

    I deposited by my debit card. actually i didn’t deposited they got my money without my concern and options charger made trade on my account. they made 131 USD loss within 3 weeks. but i got my total deposit. my suggestion don’t try to make withdrawal don’t verified the account. i did that two mistake that is why it took long time to get my money back. directly go to the bank and ask card dispute . than bank will do rest of the thing and don’t sign bance54 agreement . i didn’t sign that. charge back took only 45 days in Srilanka as per bank.m My bank said that charge bank need to be accepted or rejected by the merchant if they are rejecting that should have to mention the reason. my bank said if they rejected with proper reason then i cant do any thing. and if they are not reply for charge back . bank said they can get money from VISA. I think these information will be helpful for other.

  105. John Says:

    Here’s the guy you all looking for MR ELHAI NIDAM
    Born: 1984
    Nationality: ISRAELI
    Country: ISRAEL
    Posttown: KFAR SABA
    Postcode: 4432131
    Country of residence: ISRAEL

  106. Michael Freeman Says:

    How on earth did you find this information?!

  107. John Says:

    It’s free on Google. Hope I help someone.

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